The US Republican presidential Donald Trump have won according to the American media a run-off election in Mississippi, and thus their majority in the Senate in Washington expanded. The controversial Conservative candidate, Cindy Hyde-Smith, on Tuesday evening (local time) against the African American Democrat Mike Espy, the NBC News and Fox News reported. So the Republicans have in the Senate in the future, 53 seats and Democrats 47.

Hyde-Smith had made in the election campaign, a remark which many observers evaluated as a racist. Recently a Video made the rounds showing how they will be presented in the city of Tupelo by a white cattle breeders a group of White. Hyde-Smith thanked him with the reply: “If he would invite me to a public Hanging, I would be in the first row.”

The, also white, Hyde-Smith caused an Outcry, especially since your saying many recalled the history of racist violence in the southern state. She later apologized for the Statement. According to the civil rights organization NAACP were committed from the 1880s until well into the 1960s in the United States, thousands of lynchings, the majority of the victims was black. In Mississippi, many of the victims were hanged.

help from the President

Hyde-Smith, who is regarded as a great supporter of Trumps, is the first woman to be elected in Mississippi in the Senate in Washington. The US President was flown on Monday in the southern state, in order to make a choice to fight for you.

the Congress elections on may 6. November ran a total of four applicants. No one came to the necessary majority, which is why it came to the runoff election. The 59-Year-old had held the seat already acting since April. The Governor of the state, Phil Bryant appointed you to the Post because the previous incumbent Thad Cochran had resigned for health reasons.

Trumps Republicans had lost the election, their majority in the house of representatives to the Democrats, control the Senate but are defending can. The chamber is, among other things, for personnel decisions. When the Trump shall appoint a Minister or Ambassador, this must be confirmed by the Senate. In the house of representatives, in turn, the Democrats have to Sit according to the current state, a majority of 39. A decision is still open.

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