A rising number of financial companies offer consultation services through mobile apps. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Financial firm introduces new services in the era of virus

Alocal financial company said June 10 that it had launched a mobile application, which is designed to offer consultation services to its customers.

Clients will be able to get consultations about investments in the Korean stock market. The company, which is a brokerage house, plans to expand its coverage in terms of services and customers down the road.

For example, the Seoul-based company plans to provide advice on such areas as foreign shares, financial products, real estate, and tax savings.

Those who want to take advantage of the new services should ask for them at the stock-exchange site by clicking on the “consultation” menu.

Then, advisers of brokerage will make phone calls to them.

We strive to establish a mobile-based asset management platform. We will continue to offer differentiated services in the area,” the outfit’s official said.

The services are expected to attract attention because it involves a non-face-to-face solution at a time when the world suffers from great setbacks due to the COVID-19 new coronavirus.

Experts point out that the virus threat prompts more and more companies to adopt non-face-to-face communication channels like mobile apps.

“The whole industry has moved toward digital, mobile, and instant communications. And the virus pandemic is accelerating the trend,” an industry source said. 

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