The CSU calls for a report, according to a government Intervention in mobile coverage in Germany. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” quoted in its weekend edition of a draft resolution for the conference in January, according to the Federal citizen “anywhere in Germany on a reliable mobile can leave”. Necessary to the creation of a “new, state-owned infrastructure company was, therefore,”.

Everywhere there, “where the economic Expansion is not working see private mobile operators will not be able to have a working supply”, must continue to build the new state-owned company cell phone towers. “The mobile operators are busy with a connection, obligation, and pay fees to refinance the state’s investment,” he quoted the “SZ” from the draft.

Germany worse than Albania

recently, one of the Green study commissioned by the Aachen-based consulting firm, P3 had shown that Germany’s standing in the cover with the latest mobile communication standard 4G in a European comparison, bad. Thus, there is in the case of German networks in both the cover as well as the achieved data rates, pent-up demand, such as in rural regions in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Countries such as Poland or Albania cut, however, is better.

The CSU members, which will meet in early January to its closed meeting in Seeon, also call for a stronger Intervention of the state in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). “In the area of self-learning systems we experience today, ground-breaking innovations – and at the same time, a tough international competition”, – stated in the draft resolution. Germany and Europe must stand at the top.

The CSU calls for the design, therefore, a German-French research center for AI, the to by no later than 2020 its work. The research centre should be financed from the state budget and all of the “relevant actors from science, education, economy and society” clubs.

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