the discussion in The Federal government as well as among the telecommunications providers about the future dealings with Huawei. The occasion was the warnings from the US intelligence services and their allies, but also from German lobbyists and think tanks, the Chinese network equipment supplier might be forced by their government, Espionage backdoors in their network equipment to install, or even a sabotage function.

In the United States, Australia and new Zealand mobile phone providers, therefore, already the use of the products of Huawei and ZTE in the 5G-structure under said, although Huawei, as a cheaper and technically modern is considered to be the competitors of Cisco, Nokia and Ericsson.

“cause for concern”

Publicly known documents, for state-arranged espionage by Huawei or intentionally built-in and hidden behind doors in Huawei’s technology, there is not. However, a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry on Thursday, dpa said request, the Chinese cyber security law, obliging firms and, in certain cases, also in foreign countries lessons learned to government Bodies. This scheme will offer “cause for concern”.

The “Handelsblatt” according to the Federal office for information security (BSI) and the Federal network Agency will determine in the next few weeks, even before the auction of the 5G frequencies – “the first cornerstones” for the new security requirements for network suppliers. A round up of representatives of the two authorities, the Chancellery, as well as state of the competent ministries, secretaries agreed on Wednesday.

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will define The new requirements should therefore include an obligation for the certification of network equipment, as well as disclosure of source codes. Because the Chinese providers Huawei and ZTE in the existing networks, large parts of the technology, to apply the new duties for the 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica have played by the “Handelsblatt”according to a report in already, what would be the consequences of banning Huawei from their core networks. These are those areas of a mobile radio network, in which user data is stored centrally and from which a network is centrally controlled. A Telefónica spokesman told the newspaper that the Demolition would be a tedious work, with the necessary resources while others lack elsewhere.

generally, the conversion and switching to other providers would lead to “massive over-spending and the Expansion of 5G slow down”, writes the “Handelsblatt”, citing industry circles. A complete waiver of Huawei in all areas of a network, according to Telecom “hardly possible”, would take “several years” and “would have massive consequences for the quality of the networks”.

change in law as a second Option

With the new disclosure and certification obligations for Huawei, the telecoms could live with that but arguably. The company has released this week’s proposals, which go in a similar direction.

The ARD-capital Studio on Wednesday reported yet another Option for the Federal government. So the interior Ministry is examining an Amendment to the telecommunications act, Chinese manufacturers excluded from the Development of 5G networks, in fact. The law could be changed accordingly, so that components from one manufacturer may only be used if he can prove that there is no public access to these products.

In the Opposition, there are different views about dealing with Huawei. Konstantin von Notz, Deputy group Chairman of the Greens, had been accused by the Federal government to ignore the potential danger of “entirely”.

The network policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Manuel Höferlin, said: “We can’t risk it to give the control of our infrastructure. That would be as if you distributed everywhere in Europe digital nuclear warheads and the red button transferred abroad. We are better advised to put the focus on the European supplier”.

The FDP parliamentary group Deputy Frank Sitta, however, said according to the news Agency dpa, “a mere false sense of” rich, in order to justify a ban. Germany should “not be in a trade war between the US and China”.


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