Facebook-specify users to be able to, which party they are close to, what Faith you practice, how your love life looks like and much more. You don’t have to. Finally, the sensitive information may be, neither the company, nor any other Facebook-address user something. Indirectly, however, Facebook is experiencing it still reported “mobilsicher.de”. The detours are Android Apps of the parties, or to topics such as Religion, Addiction, health, and so on.

thousands of App developers are using a Code-block of Facebook, the Software Development Kit (SDK) called because of the includes a free and for developers helpful analysis function. The investigations of the French organization “Exodus Privacy”, “mobilsicher.de” refers to.

if you install the appropriate App and calls, and immediately starts transmission of data to Facebook. “Mobilsicher.de” considered in selected Apps, the sent data packets and the time of day, the model name of the device, the IP address, the name of the App and an ad-found ID. The latter is a sequence of digits and letters and is unique per device, so it is pseudonymous.

Links: transfer of data from OKCupid to Facebook. Right: the “advertiser_id”.

This Pseudonymity is to be repealed, according to the “mobilsicher.de” however, as soon as a user signs only Once on the same device at Facebook. In the event the advertising will be linked-ID from the App with the Facebook profile.

Facebook confirmed the request. The collected information about party affiliation, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, nicotine addiction and other health problems can be used for advertising purposes. Even if the Facebook user had previously made a conscious decision to not share information about these very private issues with Facebook.

The App providers don’t seem to know themselves what the SDK does

Concrete examples of cases in which this can happen are the Android-Apps “My CDU”, “SPD parliamentary group NRW”, the Depression detection test Moodpath and the Dating App OKCupid.

None of the provider – to- Stand: 29. November – tells its user when setting up the App in their privacy policies or on its Website. Of the four Offered Moodpath mentioned only a transmission of data to Facebook and the advertising ID. According to the Hamburg data protection officer Johannes Caspar, this is also absolutely necessary. That the ID is no longer advertising a pseudonym, if someone logs in from the same device in the case of Facebook, but it also says Moodpath.

The MIRROR has received the results of the investigation of the “mobilsicher.de” to see in advance and on behalf of the many Thousands of Apps with the Facebook SDK, the CDU, the NRW-SPD, Moodpath and OKCupid asked for advice. Three of them promise to act.

The CDU, wrote: “in our App used Facebook Plug-in is installed in the current Version by mistake. We have recorded the note in our current privacy statement. The Plug-in will be after an Update, not more.” The NRW-SPD, said: “We have investigated on the occasion of their Mail this reference directly and have removed the App from the Google Play Store. In fact, the potential Problem was not yet known. To us this was not noticed in the past, since we use this App due to the long-very limited functionality.” Moodpath replied: “We rate the possibility that a third-party such as Facebook may be able to see who uses the App, very critical. For this reason, we plan to remove the Facebook SDK, what is going to happen this year.” The operator of the Dating App is not responded.

Facebook preserved, apparently, the data on

people Who have no Facebook account or from your mobile device never there, logs in, transfers the Call to the Android Apps, by the way, however, the above-mentioned data to Facebook and Facebook keeps you apparently also. The company informed “mobilsicher.de” in any case, process it and store the “information of Non-Facebook-users differently than Facebook users.” Which means that it is processing you not , and stores.

Who wants to have a personalized advertising of Facebook, you can disable it directly in Facebook or in the mobile device settings (Android settings > Google / Google-services > Display; iOS: settings > privacy > advertising). The advertising ID is then transmitted with a corresponding add-on, and Facebook will no longer use them for advertising purposes. But Facebook will save you anyway.

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