Nearly two months after the violent death of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the heads of state and heads of government to the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Buenos Aires on the international stage and welcomed. In spite of the allegations against the 33-Year-old in the case, and the criticism of the role of Riyadh in the Yemen war, he was anything but isolated.

Almost effusive greeting between the Prince and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the clapped up mate in the hands. Subsequently, the two men took in side by side and talking and smiling. According to reports, the two have agreed to a reduction in the flow of their oil reserves in order to stabilize the price of crude oil. From the Russian side, it was said, moreover, that a further interview with the Saudi should take place to rule with the crown Prince on the sidelines of the summit. It will go again to the energy policy and an increase in saudi investments in Russia.

Friendly also China’s head of state Xi Jinping expressed to Prince Mohammed. Xi support the reform plans of the leadership in Riyadh specifically, reported the Chinese news Agency Xinhua. China will also work with the Kingdom to continue in areas affecting their core interests, assured Xi of the Prince.

the President, with almost every one of the present summit have done, said The White house, U.S. President Donald Trump and the Prince had exchanged a few friendly words, as participants. Trump himself stressed that he had not led a conversation with the heir to the throne. Prior to the summit meeting in Buenos Aires, he had declared that he think it is possible that the crown Prince had known of the attack on Khashoggi, but stressed at the same time, the United States would remain a solid Partner of Saudi Arabia. In the process, Trump pointed to the importance of the state as a trading partner and ally in the conflict with Iran.

critical greeting of “MBS fell” by Emmanuel Macron. The President of France, spoke to the heir to the throne, according to the Elysée Palace to the case of Khashoggi and the Saudi Arabia-led military offensive in Yemen. The French President demanded, therefore, international experts in the investigation into the violent death of the Saudi journalists. In addition, he stressed the need for a “political solution” in the civil war, the country of Yemen. In a recorded exchange of words the two is to listen to, such as Prince Mohammed Macron in English says “don’t worry”. Macron responds: “I’m worried about.” However, it was unclear to what extent these Statements are based.

Buenos Aires – G20-summit starts without Angela Merkel In Buenos Aires, the G20 has begun to summit. Angela Merkel was absent at the opening of her Meeting with Vladimir Putin, however, take place as planned. © Photo: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was not due to their late arrival, due to the breakdown of your government aircraft at the time of the first meeting of the summit participants in Buenos Aires.

The violent death Khashoggis in Istanbul Consulate of his country in the beginning of October was international caused outrage. American media had reported that the Saudi crown Prince bin Salman had ordered the killing of the regime-critical journalists. The US secret service CIA to come in his final report to this conclusion, reported by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

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