hundreds of money transporters remain, according to the Union Ver.di are on the first working day in the new year. Because Ver.di will increase with nationwide Strikes, the pressure in the current bargaining round for 12,000 Employees of the money – and value-added service industry.

would strike hundreds of cash-in-transit, remained banks and shops in many places, without fresh cash, said Verdi. There could be significant interference. “A lot of banks and retail stores get after the holidays no fresh cash. ATM machines after the turn of the year, often empty, not filled,” said Ver.di-negotiator of Arno Peukes. Also, the pick-up of the day’s receipts at Department stores and discounters, furniture and hardware stores, as well as other companies is not ensured.

The employer is not, however, expect major problems. “The cash supply in Germany will not collapse,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Association of German money and valuables services (BDGW). The industry not only work on weekdays from 9 to 17 o’clock, also, about the turn of the year, it had been a normal supply, she said. “A multi-day or multi-week strike, that would be a Problem.” In addition, all employees not involved in the temporary work stoppage. A multi-hour warning strike was still annoying and costly for businesses.

Ver.di The collective threatens with expansion of warning Strikes

negotiations are at 3. and 4. January in the Hessian town of Bad Nauheim continued. “Our message to employers is clear: If again, not a negotiating offer on the table, and the work stoppages widened,” said Ver.di-negotiators Peukes.

The Union is demanding an increase in the hourly rate to 1.50 euros annually for a term of two years, as well as the alignment of salaries in the new länder. In addition, a generally binding collective agreement for the industry as a whole is to be achieved. According To Ver.di the salaries for the money counters and cash-in-transit driver in the East 1800 to 2400 Euro and to the West at 2200 to 2900 euros gross per month.

The employer argued that it had submitted an offer in which the company had gone up to the pain threshold. Such increases have been offered of 9.4 per cent for the East over the two-year term. The Strikes were not traceable.


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