If you can give Christopher Faith, then he owes marijuana his life. “Most people laugh when I tell that to,” says the 44-year-old chef from Montreal. Funny this sin of youth from the nineties had been. According to a Joint he had noticed at the time, at the wheel of his car, only two, three seconds later, the traffic light was in front of him in green. And just as a semi truck due to a brake defect, with sixty cases, the red traffic light on the cross street ran over. There’s a saying that Cannabis is dangerous

half A life later, again, on 17. October 2018, is Christopher at the beginning of a miserably long queue in front of the “SQDC” (Société québécoise du cannabis) baptized business in Rue Sainte-Catherine, Montreal’s main shopping street. Who are the Francophone knows a metropolis of millions, the white that you couldn’t in the Sainte-Catherine also years ago, can hardly walk without having at least once the sweet smell of Grass in the nose.

so Far, the polluter had to hope this smell on the police forces in the widespread disinterest in this law-breaking. From now on, it may matter to you if even the most conservative officials turn to the next corner. Since the 17th century. October is country wide legal to consume marijuana and to sell in stores such as SQDC.

So the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau one of his election promises are kept and on the Rue Sainte-Catherine for the traffic chaos taken care of: transfer, car, and camera teams not only from Canada blocking an entire lane.

The young head of the government has made with the liberal thrust of just friends. Some Canadians are opposed to the principle of the drug. Others fear that the state monopoly brings a lot of problems, bottlenecks in the supply by licensed producers, the price increase and glass consumers.

Only a maximum of two customers leaving at the same time

In Montreal, one of the lucky first customers of the SQDC at eight degrees outside temperature with a hood, sunglasses and scarf in the face. Earlier in the day, the customers are warned at the same place, apparently a devout lady with a cardboard sign in front of it, that her consumption behavior in a direct way in hell will result. Christopher, according to information from the marijuana consumer for over 20 years, takes the from all directions, upcoming shindig: “This is always the same: First, there is great excitement, and eventually, no cock crows more then.”

Since the largest three retailers in the city is open, since four o’clock in the morning, camping chairs included have been waiting here for some on your intake. In the course of the Morning, the queue stretched around the Block, the security force at the entrance is doing her Best to regulate the inlet of a maximum of two people at the same time and to prevent congestion on the sidewalk.

This Chaos did not want to do that to Christopher. He actually just wanted to see the short as it looks here, has had a change of heart but then, a Waiting in a conversation involved, and in this way, the front employed.

In the Store itself, it is white, sterile, and in contrast to the sidewalk is fairly empty: SQDC looks like a mix from the Apple Store and pharmacy without grass smell. Friendly, in the dark Green-clad employees want to see at the entrance to the badge under the age of 18 no one is in here. It is also on Display at the cash register, which points also to the fact that not more than 30 grams must be purchased all at once.

33,50 dollars for three grams of

Even for a less considerable quantity of dried hemp leaves, Oil, pills, or Sprays, the customers have to dig deep in the bag: “Quite expensive,” said Christopher, who decides, after a short Search via Info-flat screen TV, the classic sales advice for “Aurora”, a product of the Cannabisart Indica in the flavor, Banana Split, to have a relaxing effect. 33,50 dollars plus tax he pays for the Three-gram Dose.

outside Again, he reaps curious to envious glances of the waiting pedestrians. Some of a provider of Internet-Pot-Shops to distract, disguised as a Stoner Santa Claus for its alternative distribution channel advertises. A woman wants to know all the Details about it, such as in the Interior of the SQDC.

A cigarette Smoking business man smiles from a safe distance, satisfied and remembers, “how it happened to my youth everything secretly.” The Store he would look at probably, but only in a few days when the snake was gone. In this Argument, with the many Cannabis consumers welcome the new law will be discussed during the”awareness of responsibility”,. They are hoping on clean products and to deprive the black market of the basis.

If this works, it will show. Quite nice the Store look Yes, Christopher, and if he was in the vicinity, he would be there once again to take a look. Dealers are not always accessible, also from Ottawa, the local scene is not plated well enough yet to know. But: “Really, I wasn’t satisfied,” he says later. “For this price I would have expected more impact.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.