The “Val d’or” in Bingen in Rheinland-Pfalz will be closed. In 1994, the Restaurant of the “Guide Michelin had been awarded” with a star. Now want to Orient the operator, the TV-chef Johann Lafer and his wife.

“I want people to be closer,” said the 61-year-old Lafer in an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. He wanted to concentrate roots “back to his culinary”, on what was always important: “sustainable products, good workmanship and unpretentious Service”.

It is a matter of the heart “to be free of constraints, of which he was so far subjected to him”. On the question of whether a star is a forced to, answered Lafer: “In a certain way. In the star kitchen play, every decoration down to the smallest Detail, and extremely high quality ingredients are essential.”

Such ingredients are increasingly difficult to be reasonable and to organize sustainable: “When I think alone to the sea to fish: Where do they come from because, in quality, the top restaurants you need?” Since there is a Problem with the LCA.

star kitchen is always a huge effort – “and to engage in these efforts, ultimately, for a small area in our company that I want to Austrians,” the.

The current castle will continue to “remain a place of enjoyment,” said Lafer. In the future there is show cooking events would take place in the summer, the castle courtyard should be used for Events.

most of his activities – such as his cooking school, the cook in the television or magazine – it is going to lead to more, Lafer.


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