Many savers angry over low interest rates. Who wants to buy a property or build a house, has reason to Cheer. The mortgage is so low as not in a long time. From a High of almost five percent, the mortgage interest rates reached in the year 2011, the current conditions of the banks.

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How many institutions currently require, are shown in the table (above). You can view the terms and conditions for different fixed-interest periods view. Is deposited the interest rate is fixed from five years to an interest rate commitment of 25 years. The table shows how high the interest rates for different loan-to-value values. Based on each with a loan amount of 150,000 Euro is applied in the calculation.

mortgage interest rates affect the cost of the Baudarlehens significantly

mortgage rates have a significant influence on the total cost of a Baudarlehens. Depending on the provider, interest rates are more expensive or cheaper. The interest of the individual institutions can compare here – and so is the best deal for your mortgage.

The FOCUS-Online-comparison, takes into account the conditions of over 60 institutions.

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it is important to bear in mind that a variety of factors determines the ultimate amount of the mortgage interest rates. Displayed in the table interest rates are only a guideline. The actual mortgage rates are calculated in each case individually are, in addition to the current situation on the financial market, certain properties of the borrower and of the property and the loan. Source: Interhyp Many factors, the amount of the has issued a

impact factor of the borrower

affect The height of the has issued a for a real estate financing depends on various characteristics of the borrower. The following factors are the mortgage interest rates influence.

credit rating

banks examined in the course of the application for a real estate loan, the credit rating of the borrower, i.e. his credit. In General, the credit check via a credit Bureau query. The more positive the audit of the borrower is, the better the interest rate should be.


Some of the acquisition activities to be able to borrowers to help advantages in mortgage interest rates. Banks, for example, in the case of officials, in principle, a lower risk of default than self-employed. To get a loan officials, therefore, to lower mortgage interest rates.

postal code of the object

The location of the property also takes effect on mortgage interest rates. So many banks give out mortgage loans only for a specific Region. The offer selection, and thus the possible mortgage rates differ from Region to Region

use of this property

Furthermore, the Bank checks whether any of the borrowers, the property for internal or external use, so as an investment, build or buy. In the case of a planned foreign use of higher mortgage interest rates fall as banks accept a higher risk of default.

factor loans

in addition, various factors of the Baudarlehens affect the cost of the mortgage. Borrowers should be aware of a financial offer and terms and conditions, is to select the nominal power rate of interest on the mortgage in your individual case as cheaply as possible.

loan amount

is true the higher the mortgage amount in total, the cheaper the interest rate falls to offer – so the rule.

The Loan limits and beyond, the range. In part, banks, loans are only granted a certain amount of the loan or interest is not payable premium or discount, if the loan reaches a certain amount.

equity share

in Particular, the amount of equity capital can contribute by its influence on the loan-to-value the mortgage outlet significantly lower: The more money that customer for the construction Loan, the lower is at the end of the interest rate. The Loan-to-value is the Quotient of the amount of the loan and the collateral value of the financed property. The mortgage lending value is the value of the property, in the case of a sale on the real estate market on a long-term point of view, a maximum achieve. The Loan-to-value through a high level of equity lower. A low Loan-to-value, in turn, a low interest rate is to be favored.

In the case of many banks, the interest rates on the rise already at a loan-to-value of over 50 percent. In the case of a loan-to-value of 60 or 70 percent of the premiums can be slightly by about 0.05 to 0.1 percentage points higher. The customer may only contribute 20 percent, or even less, is the mark-up in the case of at least 0.2 and up to 0.8 percentage points.

interest rate commitment

The term of a borrowing commitment is also influence the mortgage rates.

In the case of low interest rates for as long as possible duration is recommended in the rule. As real estate runners can to the low take advantage of interest rate and long-term planning also have security. In the case of a longer maturity the banks to set the interest rate, however, tends to be higher – the longer the term the higher the target interest rate. Interested parties, therefore, is always funding is recommended to consider offers, and to ensure that the premium for a longer term is worthwhile.

repayment amount

can reduce the High rates of Eradication, the cost of real estate financing. For one, banks with a high repayment rate is often better interest rates. On the other hand, the residual debt through a high repayment rate faster ablation, which in turn leads to a faster repayment of the loan, and therefore a lower interest rate.

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special options

Future borrower should be aware of in the mortgage, whether to make additional repayments and a one – or two-time repayment rate change during the term are possible or not. In part, banks offer the options free of charge, partly at an interest rate premium.

potential savings: debt rescheduling

After the interest rate lock expires, the borrower often still not settled the remaining debt. In the context of a follow-on financing, the Option is open to you to negotiate new terms with the current lender or switch to the provider. The latter is referred to as debt restructuring. To stay with the current lender, the more convenient way, is not rare loans from other providers is associated with better terms and conditions. A further comparison of the provider, helps in decision making for the cheapest mortgage.

With Forward loan favorable follow-up financing to secure

The view on the current mortgage rates but it is only interesting for those who are on the verge of construction or the purchase of a property. Also, who carries himself with the idea that companies in the future, this step should deal with the development of interest rates. With a Forward loan you can secure the interest for later.

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