What unites an Ex-investment banker from Merrill Lynch, some of the employees formerly with Intel Russian Topprogrammierer as well as marketing experts from Poland?

they put the heads on the edge of the centre of Moscow in a Start-up office together and make Pizza now. Very much Pizza.

In a brick building on the Site of a former Soviet steam boiler factory, the Team of the Start-ups Dodo Pizza: 130 employees, including young Marketing and financial experts, but especially for a Fast-Food chain a little unusual – more than 70 programmers.

Dodo-founder Fyodor Ovchinnikov

From Moscow, the company is venturing into new markets. If the speakers crackle in the office again, know all the staff: Alyona from the reception is equal to announce the opening of a Dodo Pizzeria. The speakers crackle frequently, since 2012, the number of branches from eight has risen to 442, more than a hundred have come in the past twelve months.

Between Saxony and California Dreaming

If the new branch is located abroad, plays Alyona in front of say, a Song from the country. It is a song from Romania (six branches), a white Russian (ten Restaurants). In February, the Dodo wants to record in Los Angeles the work of Alena’s about to play “California Dreaming”.

Russia is for Dodo Pizza is the most important market, but in the meantime, there are branch networks in eleven other countries, in China, Kazakhstan and Estonia, as well as some bridge-heads for the jump to the West: a secluded location in the British public bathing area Brighton as well as three in the United States, originated in the area surrounding the large city of Memphis.

The market before entry into Germany: The Saxon chain Uno Pizza – so far, 14 branches – slips as a franchise partner under the Dodo-roof, and wants to open according to a statement by the owners Thomas and Michael cook husband within five years of the 25 other Restaurants. From the speakers in the Moscow office by the end of 2019 sounds to year, therefore at least once in German music. “Maybe Rammstein”, says the company’s founder Fyodor Ovchinnikov. Rammstein is in Russia the most famous German Band, Modern Talking.

at the heart of the company the IT: the operating system Dodo IS , the all new branches to be connected. All orders the program converts in seconds fast in the next work steps. In the kitchens of the Restaurants, the recipes and instructions are illuminated on the iPad screens for the pizza maker, whether in Siberia or in Tennessee. The Pizza is ready in time, echoes a Fanfare through the kitchen. It takes too long, makes the screens a little greedy Packman Monster on the pizzas. The program Dodo IS to make the operation and control of a Pizza-snack easy and intuitive, almost like a computer game, that is the idea.

kitchen camera to a store in Tallin, Estonia

an almost disturbingly radical slope comes to transparency. In all of the restaurant’s video cameras installed that transmitted round-the-clock on the Internet kitchens. Customers can convince themselves at any time of the cleanliness. Dodo Pizza also released the sales of each store in the network, as an incentive to more competition. Presentations of new projects and ideas, the company shall promptly on YouTube. That’s because the competition mitschaut of the international chains Papa John’s and Domino’s, is intentional. It is meant to inspire the team, New faster to implement.

sales-display the branch of “East Memphis-1”

the company’s founder Fyodor Ovchinnikov, 37, will generate competitive advantages. “Deep digitization” of business processes he calls the concept.

A new Russian generation of Entrepreneurs?

The motivation for his company annual sales of more than 400 branches last: $ 220 million – was actually a Bust. Ovchinnikov studied in Syktyvkar archaeology, a provincial town located in Russia’s far North, about 1000 kilometres North of Moscow. There, he established a bookstore chain that has slipped, but in the financial crisis in the bankruptcy.

As he came of books on Pizza? He had dreamed of a global company and an industry, he could roll up with Russia’s IT strength. “Pizza is perfect, a mass market for a anywhere in the world already established and largely standardized product. Whether in India, Brazil or the United States, every Pizza,” says Ovchinnikov. The high level of investment in the system would pay for itself, but only “if we play a global role”.

A billion rubles has plugged in the Dodo yet alone in the development of the web platform, the equivalent of 15 million euros. In these totals, the project would have failed, almost. Ovchinnikov was donors at banks and in venture capital, “but of which no one believes, that a Russian company can have success, if you export Oil or weapons.”

Add to that: investors think margins in Russia is traditionally in short time. They expect that the companies must have recorded the Investments within two or three years – because they are afraid of proof, that the conditions in Russia are changing. “No one here believes in long-term projects,” says Ovchinnikov.

Dodo Team in Russia

at Least: none of the professional money lenders. Ovchinnikov has launched on his Blog a Crowdfunding campaign. He has found that the private investors have applied to contributions-between 5000 and 200,000 dollars in start-up financing. From this Blog Community, many of the new Franchise, sub-contractors, which will open in Russia Dodo-branches recruit. Their CVS are for pizza unusual: Including school graduates, web designers, and even a former professional poker player are high.

to start The own company, for many young people in Russia today, one of the few functioning “social lifts”, says Ovchinnikov, a career opportunity that will provide the evidence that you could bring in Russia, even away from the state-owned industrial conglomerates and the intelligence services. “We live in a kind of Russian dream,” says Ovchinnikov and plays on the “American Dream”.

In the visor darker rope teams

If Fedor Ovchinnikov is asked why he has his pizza chain, the name Dodo is given, he tells of “Alice in Wonderland”, the story he had read in his Childhood. “We are just as naive as the bird Dodo in the book: We trust our customers, suppliers and partners,” he says.

naivety can be in Russia is dangerous. The rise of the company has, apparently, awakened also a desire within Moscow’s security authorities, in circles, the methods of the Mafia sometimes use to fight it. A Dodo was pushed branch on the outskirts of the Russian capital, a package with drugs. Pre-not only is the franchise operator of the local pub, but, above all, the founder Ovchinnikov was then.

His chain was only a cover for a brisk drug trade, so the accusation. Then the officials asked about Details of the business: those Who have logged in to which subsidiary, as Dodo Pizza-be organized. Ovchinnikov has understood it so that someone will take away his company or at least a portion of wanted to get – a common Problem.

Dodo Pizza is gone with the case to the Public. Ovchinnikov has given Interviews. Transparency, he says, is the best defense. If he doesn’t want to settle for safety’s sake, abroad, he was asked. He understood, “that there is a layer of the rot in our country, but in our country there are also many correct people. What Signal I send to the investors, the entrepreneurs, all the faith that you can build an honest business? I’m not born here, I’m leaving.”

You cannot take away from him the company. “This is not a oil-producing tower, but a fairly complex Structure,” he says. Since a couple of months, he has received no letters from the authorities. Are were the problems? Ovchinnikov hopes.

“But in Russia,” he says, “you can never say exactly whether it is over.”

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