the head of The lower Saxony, Ditib communities, Yilmaz Kilic, has complained of interference from Turkey in his regional Association, and as a result, his office abandoned. Kilic have moved to their own statements, “the ripcord”, as on Sunday, the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper reported. Country managing Director Emine Oguz confirmed the decision to news Agency Dpa. At an extraordinary General meeting of the members of the entire Board of Directors was re-elected. The previous Board was not, therefore, available.

Kilic explained in the article in the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper that he had to fight always against the Mixing of the Ditib Headquarters in Cologne and the Turkish Religionsattaché. “We, as the lower Saxony land Association of always want a stand-alone way to go, but here, unfortunately, no support from Cologne to get,” said Kilic. “I see no way to continue to fight,” he said, also, in the case of the NDR-broadcast Hello lower Saxony.

Because of the resignation referred to as a “real setback”

lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) said in an interview with the newspaper, the resignation and described him as “a real setback for the efforts to date”. He added: “Mr Kilic was for us to have a close, serious conversation partner, and I have great respect for his commitment.” Because he fears according to the report, that the lower Saxony land Association had been brought on line. Further cooperation will now be reviewed.

The German-Turkish mosque Association Ditib (Turkish-Islamic Union of the institution for Religion) is the largest Islamic Association in Germany. He claimed to represent more than 960 formally independent of the member clubs, whose religious, social and cultural activities he wants to coordinate.

Ditib is also in lower Saxony and Bremen of the biggest Islam Association represents 85 communities about 160,000 Muslims. You have to be under the supervision of the Turkish religious authority, however, for years as a state Association to a greater degree of autonomy, Kilic.

Serious allegations against Ditib

critics accuse the Association is to act as an extended Arm of the Turkish government, and to interfere with a nationalist orientation, the Integration of the Turks in Germany. In addition, the Ditib propagates a erzkonservatives Islam understanding and support of the military action by Turkey against Kurds in Northern Syria. the
Individual Ditib communities are also alleged anti-constitutional nationalist-religious activities. Ditib’s imams were also charged that Turkish opponents of the regime in German mosques being spied on. In addition, there were allegations that children were radicalized by the Comics or by the re-enactment of war scenes.

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