After an incident at the airport of Hanover, the flight is operating has been set on Saturday afternoon. The police announced via Twitter, by a man collapsed at 15: 40 with a passenger Car, a gate and drove onto the apron. The Federal police was able to stop the car, therefore, and the man can overwhelm.

The airport was closed, there were no take-offs and landings, the Terminals were opened, said a spokesman for the airport. Planes were in the air, would be diverted. How long this should take, was initially unclear.

Whether it was an attempted attack or an accident, will be investigated according to the Federal police at present. The police operation lasted in the late afternoon, a spokesman for the police said on request of the news Agency AFP. The bomb squad examined the car, it was a routine measure.

It was not excluded that the driver was confused, said a spokesman for the Federal police, the German press Agency. “Definitely, I can say nothing but.”

Hanover airport on Saturday afternoon

According to information from the NDR should be landed at the time of the incident, a machine of Aegean Airlines. A Greek interpreter is to be requested according to the report, to interview the Crew of the plane.

The Hanover airport reported on its Website, currently there is no flight that was due to an operational fault operation is possible. Travelers should apply for further information about their flights on their airline.


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