providence is sometimes winks. The four prelates French participant at the synod of bishops of the catholic Church on young people, held in Rome from 3 to 27 October, the have experienced on the morning of Tuesday 16 October. Bearing a basket overflowing with letters from young French catholics addressed to the pope, they advanced towards Francis for the offer, prior to beginning their session of the day in the synod hall. Archbishop Laurent Percerou, bishop of Moulins, in the has taken a and read it aloud in front of the pontiff.

A young girl is the author. “Mr. pope, she writes, throughout this frat [an annual pilgrimage of college students catholic], we have learned that God, Jesus and Mary, the man is the equal of the woman. And during this same period, I could see a considerable difference between the two sexes. I would like to, me, young woman, have the same rights as men, for example, be able to take responsibilities in the Church. “The men gathered around the trash twitched to a smile retained. “I have drawn,” says the bishop.

The catholic Church has a beautiful camp on certainties, well anchored, in recent times, the question of the place of women within it is more insistent. She is asked day after day since the beginning of the synod, which meets in Rome, for four weeks, some 250 bishops to think about the message to young people.


The synod, this recurring meeting in which the pope chooses the theme, is a privileged instrument by Francis to bring about renewal in the catholic Church. Problem : only men can be ordained priests, and especially bishops, this body of representation of the diversity of the catholic world, is almost exclusively male.

Francis has attempted to introduce diversity in the appointments of young people of both sexes, and women among the…

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