Audi and Siemens engineers? He no longer wants to work, wrote a tiler Michael Schmiedl from the lower Bavarian town of Riedenburg on the website of his operation. And that the mentioned group of persons not more need, therefore, to report not to him. Justification: to Him, the superior attitudes and the lack of a payment moral of the customers in this career field ranged.

More than 1.7 million people read the Text and commented on in the Forum of SPIEGEL ONLINE and in social media, the decision Schmiedls. Many readers could identify with the tiler – others have criticized the lump-sum condemnation of the engineers.

customers from certain occupational groups are qualified to judge the performance and not so easy on the table. Many landlords will not rent to teachers and lawyers. The familiar with tenancy law. (Forist “rainerwäscher” in the SPIEGEL ONLINE Forum)

Some readers provided their comments with a lot of irony.

respect! The craftsmen are. Be clear and honest. And not a Millimeter of deviation from the marked position. Only the tile size. What does not fit is made suitable. (Forist “about androck” in the SPIEGEL ONLINE Forum)

Michael Schmiedl launches his radical criticism but an amazing amount of approval. Apparently, many readers are able to draw a his statement, engineers are out of touch with reality are, some of it.

The Munich-based social scientist Fritz Böhle has worked as a researcher with questions of professional knowledge and experience. He can gain from the advance of the floor fitter a lot, and he admired the craftsmen even explains Böhle in an Interview with the MIRROR.

To the Person Mike Gallus Prof. Fritz Böhle , Born in 1945, was by 2018, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Social science research e. V. in Munich. His research focus is the development of employment, vocational training and experience. He is also head of the research unit for socio-Economics of the labour and professional world at the University of Augsburg.

What have you thought when you read that a tiler Michael Schmiedl rejects engineers as a customer?

I thought: Well, he says so clearly. I got him twice and admired, he criticized offensive the customer and had the courage to confess. Although he knows the clichés in which it is said, of the simple artisans has anyway no idea.

How do you rate the allegations of Michael Schmiedl?

The tiler is right. But the Problem is not a personal arrogance of the engineers, but behind it is a Problem of the academic training and expectations that companies have of engineers is rather.

What does this mean?

The deficit of academic training lies in the fact that it is scientifically based and it is assumed that science is able to capture all of the important things in the reality and practice accurately and to describe. Just in the area of science and technology. And unfortunately, this is not the case. Science can already describe everything fully and objectively. Not all conditions are always in accordance with strict rules. The advantage of the floor fitter is: He has a sound knowledge of experience about these probabilities, Uncertainties – unlike many engineers.

it Means that engineers are good in everyday work only for the theory?

In large companies many engineers sit in departments that have no contact with the production. And you get – because they themselves do not carry any debt, the Chance of these areas to get to know and with the experience of the skilled workers know how to deal with it.

the time Was different?

In small companies, the engineer used to have a direct contact to the production. Many of the engineers had, in addition, also in addition, a specialist training and have qualified. The engineer in a big company lives in a completely different world. This separation has increased, because there is always the rise from the bottom to the top, but more and more people are coming directly from the University into the holdings. Of course, many engineers are continuing to collect practical experience, I don’t want to generalize at all. But the Younger are under a lot of pressure to say that they are not to be trusted: “I don’t know, because white skilled workers more.” But this is not only in the field of engineering. In the hospital it looks very similar.

More on the topic of self-awareness in the Job workers to trust themselves more as employees

That academics had in the society has always been a higher Reputation, but it is not a new one?

We have now in our society, this hierarchy: because at the bottom of the tiler, has “only” a vocational education and training, and because the top of the academically Trained. This is wrong. I am not arguing against the academic training, but we need to see that the academic and practical training to Supplement it. Both professional groups need to appreciate each other’s value and at eye level to talk to each other. A degree is great, but it does not say everything about the world. The increasing separation of the worlds of work, by all means, but increasingly you speak at all to each other.

Discovered the craft just a new self awareness?

Yes, but it must not come to a simple academics to berate. Since I am strictly against it. The tiler needs to recognise that the engineer can’t do the things he can. Not because he is stupid, but simply because he specializes in something else. And Vice versa, the academics must recognise that there are other experts.

That sounds like a deeply divided society that you describe.

I believe that this is ultimately a question of Culture. You have in all large companies, not only in the automotive industry, studied employees who suspect that they still understand little bit of practice – but admit it would be a sign of weakness. In Germany we have a culture in the don’t-Know immediately as an error and not as a specific quality rating.

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