The League rests, and is still in turmoil. At least, as far as the FC Bayern Munich. This is due to the deserts of insults, Franck Ribery on social media in the direction of its critics. The club has already responded with a “very heavy fine”. Teammate Thomas Müller has put into perspective the derailment of his team-mates now, however, and Ribéry in protection.

“In these moments in which he feels unfairly treated, where he is hard to attack, then the horses go through with it. He can’t control himself just so,” said Müller on the edge of the training camp in Doha.

The latest incident was not a spontaneous outburst. This time, Ribéry responded slightly delayed to a Shitstorm, after the Frenchman posted a Video in which he was to see in front of a 24-carat gold leaf plated Ribeye Steak. (Read here how the leaf tastes gold at all)

“He is a very emotional person”

First he wrote after the towers criticism: “Oooh, I have to offend a couple of mothers. Until tomorrow, good night.” The next day, he published his comprehensive insults: “let’s Start with the naysayers, and haters like to profess, to be caused by a leaky condom: F**** your mothers, your grandmothers and your entire family tree,” wrote Ribéry on Twitter among other things.

Miller said: “He is a very emotional person, as it has been holding in his whole career so far witnessed.” The German national players but, “it is in the course of the career is better, even if it has been with such situations. However, it is also so that it will be a lot of attacks.”

lashing out against a Reporter in November

in fact, it was only in November that Ribéry was last updated abusive. At the time, he had attacked the French TV Reporter Patrick Guillou after the 2:3 defeat against Borussia Dortmund, physically, because he had by this wrongly criticized felt. Five days later, Ribéry said: “It was wrong of course, what I have done. It is always difficult after a game, because I was very emotional. I said to Patrick excuse, even to his family.”

the team was the current topic anyway, the “not interesting”, Müller said: “of Course, keep at the table about it, but it is more of a private matter.” Basically, Ribery did not know “how to behave”, said Müller.

sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic had previously announced the high money penalty for Ribery. “He has used words that we can’t as FC Bayern München accept and Franck as a role model and players of the FC Bayern is not allowed to use,” said Salihamidzic.


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