“life-long kebab-Flat” in red letters on the Flyer: The sounds at first after a promotion, but behind the call to “Mam’s kebab” from Munich and more. The reward should get, who Bebe operator Sevilai and her husband taught a new store locally.

The Snack bar is located in a building in the district of Sendling, which is to be demolished in the coming year. The application is hereby approved, confirmed the Department for urban planning and building regulations.

at the end of may, you would have to get out of the building, says Bebe. However, you will probably be set by the end of January the operation in the shopping Mall: “the fact that it gave the Info about the demolition, we and the other transactions less feed.”

Move or in a different district, the Couple wants to make the reluctant: For seven years you sell in Sendling with the interruption of your Döner, here you have loyal customers. “Elsewhere, we would have to start again from zero,” said Bebe. You are looking as a blank area in the shop. Sale willing competitors required a high level of detachment, she was unable to pay.

“quite A Doner-vacuum”

the idea for The call had not kebab the “Mam’s”-operator. Vincent Morelli and Lars glue work in the district and are regular customers. As you heard in a lunch break, how difficult is to find the operators would do in a new place with more affordable rent, they launched the Flyer-Initiative – also out of self-interest: “Here in Sendling, there are still quite a Doner vacuum,” says Morelli.

Also, the proposal for a “kebab-Flat” as a reward came from the two colleagues. It is designed according to Morelli to win the attention of the people. This seems to work – the owner has to get according to their own information, some suggestions for shops. So far, however, there is still no one who shall live long to eat for free. The right object was not yet.

in the event that you will not find in time a new business, have you looked around already to other Jobs, says Bebe: “We have three children, we must continue to work.” The closer the date of the statement come from, the more he’ll do to her, she says: “to me, we have done it here really with body and soul.”

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