The SPD rejects Debt charges because of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg a hundred years ago. The Rosa-Luxemburg-researchers Klaus Gietinger and other left-wing intellectuals had called on the social Democrats to take responsibility for the murder of the KPD co-founder in January 1919. SPD Leader Andrea Nahles rejects this, according to SPIEGEL information.

last November, Nahles had declared in a speech in Berlin that it was “likely” that the SPD politician and Nazi resistance fighter, Gustav Noske (1868-1946) in the case of the crime, “had his hands in the game”.

Luxembourg is considered a Martyr of the November revolution of 1918, the left party and the SPD claim her inheritance for themselves.

The social Democrat and later Reich Minister of defense, Noske was the officer from December 1918 member of the revolutionary government called “Council of people” – and is responsible for the military.

prevent the Communists in the January 1919 elections to the national Assembly and a dictatorship that wanted to build, he left the rebellion, and the rights of a free corps come to Berlin. Members of these units were Luxembourg, as well as their comrade Karl Liebknecht to the victim. According to Nahles however, there is no “definitive evidence” for a tangle Noskes.

The right-wing General staff officer Waldemar Pabst (1880-1970) had issued the Murder warrant. Decades after the fact, he claimed, Noske had asked him on the phone indirectly. Whether this is the case, is among historians controversial.

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