class room no closed doors. School books to fill knapsack, but data storage. Students and teachers strengths of landscapes and their relationship in open Learning.

in the West of the district of Augsburg, located Schmuttertal-Gymnasium Diedorf is an image of what the introducing the free state of Bavaria, in the future, under schools.

since September 2015 opened timber construction, currently offers space for 800 students, was awarded in 2016 with the Bavarian energy award and the German sustainability award. 1.650 photovoltaic modules on the roof produce more energy than for the operation of the school. This is unique in Germany.

The nearly 40 million Euro expensive new building in addition to the free state and the district of Augsburg, the German Federal environmental Foundation (DBU) project as a research with € 1.1 million funded. FOCUS Online views of the Diedorfer high school.

inside the building, an innovative space concept comes into play. Half of the teaching is not designed to be self-responsible and in group work. This is from the free state in the new "curriculum plus" as desired.

Innovation at the Gymnasium Diedorf

Therefore, the triangular desks in the class rooms, in the twinkling of an eye to co-working Spaces, slide together. School hallways are transformed into workspaces, the so-called learning campus.

And a dedicated representative acoustic engineer has designed the insulation in the rooms precisely so that the reverberation time of the spoken word in the time window between 0.35 and 0.40 seconds. So disrupt the work of the side-by-side at the end of student groups not each other and the teacher to understand during the classical frontal lesson on the Whiteboard-table still in the room.

"You can make the schools more cooperative, and it does then what with the students. The with each other will change," says headmaster Günter backing brick sector, his after the first three years in the new building of the Schmuttertal high school. FOCUS Online On the Diedorfer high school students have many opportunities to participate in the breaks physically.

In the Bavaria-wide comparison Diedorfer students in the grade level tests are usually the best 25 per cent. That has something to do with the cooperative open learning landscape, denies backing brick sector, his but. "Technically, we are not so much better than other schools," says the headmaster. "Where our students but to win, the other areas such as social competence, methods competence and self-competence."

The municipality officer of a neighboring locality backing brick sector, his told time, he recognize Diedorfer students youth free times immediately on their behavior. You would be more open to approach people and were also more cooperative. "this is The best compliment we can receive as a school," says backing brick sector, his. FOCUS Online, One of the learning campus at the Diedorfer high school. The doors to the classrooms are always open to you.

The Department of psychology at the University of Augsburg has demonstrated the effect recently in a study. Diedorfer students scored in the categories of teacher-student relationship and social behavior, significantly better than the comparison groups.

The communicative and cooperative approach extends to the teachers. So about 75 percent of the education tasks in community work of at least two teachers.

teachers to prepare homework jointly

"When I create with a colleague who I get on well, a common school task, is very rewarding," reported, Alexandra, Gottwald, a teacher of English and French at the high school. "It just goes faster if I have to deal with only a part of the school task. And I’m even more thoughts, if yet another."

For backing brick sector, his is also the uniform performance is an advantage. Teachers could define exactly what, for example, expect from a fifth-grade math. FOCUS Online a view from a classroom of the Schmuttertal-gymnasium Diedorf. In the Background the foothills of the “naturpark Augsburg – Westliche wälder”.

The model of pitfalls but holds a. Some teachers are not able to cooperate with each other well enough. It also happens that teacher exchange due to lack of time is not sufficient. Then it may happen that the class has worked on the teaching force of the material to a question in the school task intensive in the previous lesson, as that of the other.

"The concept must not fall to the detriment of the students", urges backing brick sector, his. Therefore, the Executive Board determines at the beginning of each school year, the weeks in which a particular School is written. This facilitates the teachers with the vote. FOCUS Online Open learning landscapes at the Schmuttertal-Gymnasium Diedorf. Sitting areas and PC a download to sharing and Learning.

students in group work skeptical

Among the students themselves a certain amount of scepticism, in terms of Learning in open spaces still prevails. Rebecca, Anna-Lena, Lennart, and Niklas tell that the learning campus will not be used by all teachers. "And in the group work, there is always one that does nothing. Then, everything remains on a self-hanging," reports the tenth-graders. The good relationship to the young teachers at the school turns out to be the four group, but explicitly.

Gottwald points to resulting difficulties. "There are students who really benefit, that they can master the material at your own pace on his own responsibility. This Aha-effect is then more pronounced. But there are also students who find this harder to do", says the teacher, their experiences from the lessons with your fifth grade. Therefore, the combination of group work with a classic frontal teaching was important, as well as individual supervision of the students. FOCUS Online 200 Laptops to be kept in the Diedorfer high school in wardrobes with docking station. So has saved the school geographically to the computer room and the students can use the devices mobile.

If there is only one teacher and up to 30 students per class, but to implement is often difficult. The head teacher wants to comprehend the circumstances, but rather as a manageable task. "You have to embody as a school, a certain amount of power to claim," calls for backing brick sector, his. This applies for him as a headmaster as well as teachers and Cleaners. "We do our Job and we do it well and with full commitment."

the Full commitment it takes in the Bavarian Ministry of education in addressing the challenges. The change from G8 back to the G9 is currently in the construction phase to ensure that fewer teachers will be needed in the high schools of the state, because the afternoon classes are omitted increasingly.

If in the year 2025, the 13. Vintage, need the schools, but then, at a stroke, ten to twelve percent more teachers. And more premises. Backing brick sector, his will probably have to reject many students due to lack of capacity. "I have no desire", is at odds with the headmaster.

headmaster wishes to see a constant attitude rate

the Surplus of high school teachers to tackle, wants to make the Bavarian Ministry of education graduates and for the transitional period up to 2025 in primary schools. The training of teachers in the respective teacher training programmes, however, differ greatly.

While aspiring primary school teachers make a conscious decision to Work with children and education, scientific, and educational priorities, through becoming a high school teacher, a research-based career at the University.

in Addition, in Bayern currently numerous top teacher, come with Top-notes of fresh out of College, no job. You need to look elsewhere and move on.

"What I would like is a constant recruitment rate," says backing brick sector, his. Now prefer more well-qualified teachers to adjust, for a time, two teachers for a class, and on bad times, be prepared – as in 20 years all set. So the thought of the school principal.

That because of the immense amount of additional salary expense of the state for the free, difficult to implement, the backing brick sector, his white. An interesting food for thought for the policy can be but still.

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