Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job-log” telling people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“I teach mainly lawyers and assistants at law firms and in companies to the top management. Most of the companies contact me directly, but it can also employers happen that I discover in social networks, someone I then a suggestions. Rarely, individuals are turning to me.

I have, for the past six years, a number of interviews in the week. Overall, I expected contact to around two thousand people, companies and applicants together. About 30 assistants and five to six managers I teach per year in new companies. I can live very well. I get a percentage of the annual salary of the Person I have taught, from your new employer.

The contacts are usually via social networks, but also on my own network. In the lawyers industry, and satisfied customers recommend me and come to themselves again. Most of the employees are very open, if I give you a call. We will then arrange a personal appointment. The cooperation can only take up to four weeks or even several months.

as excited as my first customer

I’m a Headhunter, I would have never thought of. I have studied very cozy in political science and during my degree little thought about career prospects. After graduating, I was unemployed, kept me with odd jobs. But I can Express myself well and people go. Therefore, I applied as a Trainee in a recruitment consultancy. I was taken and quickly realized: This is exactly my thing!

At my first interview with a client, I can still remember well. I was incredibly excited, my heart was pounding and my hands were wet with sweat. In front of me a man, mid-forties, had experienced since about 15 years no interview more sat. He also beat his heart up to the neck. He then said that he was excited, I was relieved. We, they smiled at us, and the conversation relaxed.


With me you can be honest! People who come to me, should tell me everything about yourself, even things that arrive at interviews in business as well. Again and again I hear that applicants in the conversation to higher positions questions, for which they are not qualified. This is not usually good.

Intrusive candidates are unpopular. The other day the boss of a medium-sized company called me. I had him conveyed to an applicant that had received a cancellation and now for the third Time with him, called to ask him, but to be set. In such moments, I try to the job seekers.

Many applicants do not overestimate yourself

If there are candidates to explain? Clear, again and again. I refer to it as challenging personalities. People who can’t listen and no tips, but also beginners, who think they could direct the request, according to the study, the salary of a colleague with ten years of professional experience.

Generally speaking, I often meet people who overestimate themselves. The other day a middle-aged man sat in front of me, has translated a few years in the Amazon region of the Bible into various indigenous languages. Now he wanted to work in a global law firm as a Translator. Surprise – it is nothing.

My life as an Investment Banker: “So much money young people do not well,” REUTERS 100-hour weeks, Ritalin, coke, high bonuses and business with weapons manufacturers, and to tell a young investment banker from his Job – and how much has to do series of “Bad Banks” with reality.

Virtually unemployable, even groups of people, even little: are, unfortunately, mothers and people over fifty hard to find a Job. In the case of mothers, I see the policy in the responsibility. Germany is a country that operates in this area the stone in time. How to be a woman because of nine up to 18 hours in the office, if your child is already at 14 o’clock from the school? Really, you can’t.

women, I advise not to work in an industry in which there is a lot of competition. There you are then not so easily replaceable. But in the long term, the policy needs to answer, and a reliable child care so that mothers can earn, regardless of men for their livelihood.

lack of skilled workers? Total Nonsense!

people over 50 in the labour market even more difficult. Companies would hire you – that you arrive in a new Team, you don’t want to pay.

The described lack of skilled workers is also total nonsense. There is a lack of people, the run, in all facets of life to fit one hundred percent on the job prevails. Companies urgently need to become more flexible.

There’s a lot of young and motivated people who like to work and, for example, due to a training through second-chance education, or a bad math grade, no training course.

especially young people, I would advise one thing: Makes a lot of internships, check out, learn about the working world. I, myself, have made too little.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.