Beware! The Russian is talking about…

Abruptly, the participants in the plenary of the UN climate change conference in Katowice, Poland fell silent. Normally, the representatives of Russia did not remain silent during the climate negotiations, often they are not even present. A German climate politicians called the silent delegates of the great power, “unpredictable” – because you never know in which the negotiation in the direction of the is hard to put the weight of Russia in motion.

the greater the surprise, last Saturday, was seized, as one of the Russian delegates of the word. The astonishment turned quickly in horror. Just Saudi was rejected in Arabia, in the plenary session of the climate conference, to welcome the UN climate report, officially “on”. It would take him only “to the knowledge” – an Affront that resulted in the scientific Basis of global climate policy in doubt.

Seven words

Many States representatives objected to Saudi Arabia and demanded an explicit “welcome” the UN climate report. Then a representative of Russia spoke up, so it will show records of non-public session, the presence of the MIRROR.

He said only seven words, but the changed the Situation of climate change conference:

“Just to note it, in this case”

the Russian muttered, “just take note, in this case,” the UN climate report was meant to be. No “Welcome”, so.

the United States and Kuwait, joined in this attitude, The world Alliance that had been forged for the 2015 climate Treaty of Paris, is crumbling. That Oil-producing countries and the Trump US in Katowice, in the Opposition, surprised little, you want rules are no more stringent CO2.

But why, the puzzles, the delegates in Katowice, breaks Russia his legendary Silence to slow the climate negotiations? There is a secret Alliance of Russians with Saudi Arabia, whispered some. There is one with a Trump, believed others.

agreed with The Russia, has damaged the negotiations on climate change in a sustainable way. On Wednesday ranked the conference in Katowice, a recognition of the climate reports. Russia has broken with its proven strategy. So far, Russian policymakers were often skeptical about the alarming results of climate research to date any climate agreement succor nevertheless, in the last Minute.


Russia, the fourth largest CO2 emitter of the world, was always in the area of climate protection, without having to do something. It is neither the recipient of climate-compensation payments, such as many poor countries is still relevant to the payer. Moscow is trying to remain in the game in the climate negotiations – strategic interest.

The first climate Treaty, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, Russia is, in contrast to the United States, without the use of the Land must enter into any obligations. The decrease in the required CO2 emissions resulted from The collapse of the industry was after the end of communism for the most part, the Rest of the vast forest areas in Siberia, to Russia, after long negotiations, as a means of CO2 mitigation credit concerned.

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in 2003, doubted President Vladimir Putin at a specially convened a “world climate conference” in Russia, climate change, and a year later, the Kyoto agreement, which could enter into force, because Russia, the necessary Quorum was achieved. Convinced Putin to promote the offer of the Europeans, Russia sought membership in the world trade organization, a finally successful maneuver.


The Kyoto benefit-agreement was not Russia, along with most of the Western States – the USA. A strategic advantage for Russia, repeatedly, thanks to trump’s announced exit from the Paris climate Treaty now.

so Far, has paid off the agreement to the Paris agreement for Russia, namely: The climate Treaty, which favours natural gas over coal, which know how to use the state gas companies of Russia. At the climate conference in Katowice, Russia is promoting the “Low Carbon Solution” – Russian natural gas as a low carbon solution to climate change.

That Russia exports huge amounts of coal to Asia, remains unmentioned. “Russia supports the climate Treaty, but to the promotion of fossil fuels,” says the Russian climate-journalist Angelina Davydova.


In the future, the Russian coal -, Gas – and oil industry, remained “stable”, – said the head of the Russian raw material Ministry, Dmitry Kobylkin, in an Interview with “RIA Novosti”. He supported the use of “clean coal” in Russia, so coal-fired power plants that do not emit CO2, but it is under the earth pumps; a technology that is still in development.

so It’ll run for Russia. Why then the country is reflected in the climate negotiations in Katowice, however, on the side of the USA?

Russia could use the climate negotiations, once again, to achieve on other fields benefits. With the cross-drift in Katowice, speculate as to observer, could ingratiate the country with the United States and for the easing of sanctions because of the Ukraine conflict to advertise.

A trump card Russia still holds: It has approved the world-climate-contract though, but still not binding ratified. When Russia intends to ratify, was asked by a delegate of the country in Katowice. His Answer: Silence.

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