scientists in Canada have received mysterious radio waves from far outside our galaxy.

During a test run, with the extremely powerful radio telescope “Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment” (Chime) in the canadian province of British Columbia were measured in the summer, a dozen of fast Radio bursts (Fast Radio Burst FRB), described the astronomers involved on Wednesday in the scientific journal “Nature” .

The phenomenon of the FRBs is one of the great mysteries of astronomy. Since a little more than ten years, the researchers employed it – and until today it is not resolved, where do the flashes come. That can repeat these Radio bursts, too, had been observed prior to the measurement by the canadian researchers, in the year of 2012.

How and where the signals originated, is unclear. Fast Radio bursts last only a few milliseconds, but can put as much energy as the sun in the course of 10,000 years.

thousands of Radio bursts expected

After the Chime telescope is now fully operational, could be measured until the end of the year perhaps thousands of such Radio bursts, said Deborah Good, PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. It is one of the 50 scientists from five research institutions involved in the research project.

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“FRBs are likely to be generated in the dense, turbulent regions of host galaxies,” said the studies involved astronomer Shriharsh Tendulkar of McGill University, to the AFP news Agency. Possible places of origin are clouds of gas from which stars, or stellar explosions such as a Supernova.

It is possible that the repetitive fast Radio bursts arise from disasters, in which their source is destroyed, – said Tendulkar. “A FRB by the Merging of two neutron stars or of a neutron star with a Black hole, for example, can’t repeat.”

The last summer of the registered Radio bursts have a particularly large wave length of about one Meter. That there are messages of life in distant galaxies, considers Tendulkar, however, “extremely unlikely”. “As a scientist I can’t exclude it 100 percent,” he said. “But no astronomer believed intelligent life as the source of these FRBs.”


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