With little water to a new island in the lake of Constance in this year have emerged. But how can simply created a new island of this size?

the sand island in lake Constance, is born

sandy island formed from sediments to the mouth of the Alpine Rhine, the International Rhine-regulation in St. Margrethen announced in Switzerland. It was 2018, no high water, have favored the development. “There has been lacking the momentum to carry the deposits out in the deeper lake,” said Mathias Speckle, which is for the lake Constance-high water protection in Austria is responsible. Because of the unusually low water level the island, with the dimensions of approximately 200 metres in length and 50 meters is the width for some months now, good to see.

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this is according to the International Rhine-regulation of natural deposits at a river mouth in a lake. Also on the river Ticino at the Lago Maggiore, the Reuss, the lake of URI, or of the bregenzerach in lake Constance, would have formed in this way, Islands. Two to three million cubic meters of solids are flushed to the data according to each year by the Alpine Rhine into the lake Constance.

The flood safety is not compromised, it said. No action was therefore necessary. Anyway, the new island is not permanent, such as Speckle says: “This is the Yes pile, in principle, a Sand. He will create again or somewhere else appear in the lake.” In the coming months, it could take a Few birds in fog, turn on lake Constance for the winter.

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