It is a narrow ridge, on which the operator of hair salons to walk sometimes. In the name of determination, you reach to ambiguous terms or daring new creations. In the worst case, you land directly in the word game hell. It was really such a good idea to call the Salon “Vorhair Nachhair”? Or “Kammbäck”?

But no matter how successful the puns may be, in each case, the oblique name to attract attention. And achieve a major goal for the operators.

“When hairdressers are word game-names very often”, Mark Leiblein observed. He consults with his Agency name storm companies in the selection of appropriate names. You can see word games often in creative Professions, such as in Tattoo shops or Bars.

Inlgörous Bärberez

whether it’s “Hairtie”, “listen to thing” or “Apex” – the Germanist, Nina Janich finds it “very amusing”. Janich directs the Jury to “word of the year” and researched at TU Darmstadt everyday language. Ultimately, the key is to be original, she says. The simple Name of the Barber’s blade for some old-fashioned just a little.

“Heidi’s dressing room” or “hair-ley”?

How often are the weird creations? SPIEGEL ONLINE has analyzed a data set with 21.818 Salons from Germany – a good sample of the officially almost 81.000 hair farms in the country. The data come from Openstreetmap. Similar to Wikipedia Volunteers to collect information for this publicly available map. Isolated errors can therefore not be excluded. We have OpenStreetmap data from the reporting date 23. October the card provider Geofabrik used and according to the Marker “hairdresser” is filtered.


The analysis shows: Yes, there are actually a variety of more or less successful puns. eight percent the shops to bear a name that falls either in the category of word game, or at least as more or less creative use of language must apply – the 1718 stores . Starting with “Atmosphair” and “Chaarisma”, “bar Rossa”, “element hair” and “hair O” to “hair-a-kiri” and “Well-comb”.

A clear categorization of the names, however, is not always easy. “Cut Club”, we have classified for example, as a word game, because of the allusion to the Kit Cat Club. Also, “Cutting Crew” as a creative use of language, after all, it was in the eighties an eponymous Band with the Hit “I Just Died in Your Arms”. The common “Cut & Go” does not apply, however, as a word game, because it is here that allusions as well as double lack of ambiguity.

The data show that oblique and unconventional Barber occurrences of the name in the big city and in smaller communities. What is striking is a certain East-West divide and a North-South, however – see the following map:

In Baden-Württemberg, the word game-share is only 6.4 percent in the North and East of Germany there are between 8 and 11 percent. The leader is by the way Vorpommern of Mecklenburg-11.1% – more than three percentage points above the national average of 7.9 percent.

The map of Germany shows the location of the more than 1700 Barber shops with the name that we have assigned to the category word – and language-game. You can search for specific places and zip codes and also zoom – in the Name of a salon will be displayed when you click on the point.

Barber shops in Germany, with the word game in the name

data basis: OpenStreetMap 23.10.2018.

Especially popular with the word in the following terms:

hair : Haarwaii, hair architects, Haarem, Haarmonie, hair-ley, hair city, Krehaartion, Liebhaarber, Mata Haari, Sahaara, Szenhaario to play a lot of haarmonie, Four hair times Hair : Haircules, hair God, hair einspaziert, Hairtie, Look, Hair, Mac, Hair, million hair, RundHairRum, Look, Hair, Chic, Hair, Schmetthairling, Solithair, Tilos Hair mountains, Vanity Hair, Vorhair Nachhair, Wundhairschön Cut : Cutbusser, Cutting Crew, Cut, Club, CutWalk, Director’s Cut, Final Cut, First Cut, Haarem Cut cutting : section, recording, Chic cuts, cut, cut-real cuts, intersection, interface, cream, cut work, cut times, sectional, zone, Cutting : fair cut, Cut, cutting space, cutting room, sewing, Cutting comb : Alpine ridge, ridge 2 cut, comb to style, Kammäleon, comb back, Kammbäck, comb in, Kammpus, Comb, combing, Corrugated-ridge hair dryer : Föhnix, hair dryer-X, dryer-x Cut, hair-dryer and Form, Glatzenföhner, Cologne and a hair dryer head : double head, head work, head of nursery, head, head of culture, head case, head lettuce, head and collar, head, thank, Per head, pure head thing Head : Head Attack, Head-Factor, head fighter, Headhunter, Head Line, headquarters, Headwork, Talking Head Locke : Curl pad, Curl and Roll, Lock ‘n’ Roll, lock shed, lock bird, Rhein curls, Schiller Locke, Tempting wave : Emperor’s wave, usually wave, wave length, wave rider, Corrugated-ridge Pony : Ponyhof, pony lounge, Pony Club, Pony & Clyde, Pony & dress Chic : Chic cuts, beautiful people, Chic Hair, Chic room, Schicky Micky Chic : ChicHaaria, Chicolores, Chic-room, pot-Chic Barber : Ali Barber, bar Rossa, Barber Brothers, Barber Ella, Barbylon, Inglorious Barbers

Particularly resourceful shop owners have even managed two of the industry terms used in a word game. Example: the Salons “Chaarakthair” in Dresden or “Chic Hair” in Kehl.

hair and Hair are also the words that occur most frequently in the name of creations. The following chart shows the frequencies of the used word stems:

but such creations are language and marketing professionals? The Echo is shared. “Haartistik” find them “very successful”, says the German Janich. The allusion to artistry fits well, because in both cases something Artistic. “Comb” like me, however, is not so good. “The Name works actually, if you him out loud.”

Very cool

Christine Strong of the name of Agency End-the context considers to be important. “A ‘hair port’ could make a airport sense,” she says, active in an East Frisian village but rather inauthentic. Anyway, authenticity is crucial. “If you download to call your hair ‘Sahaara’ and in the maghrebian Design, you can have the success.”

And what’s with “pony & clyde”, a business in Hamburg? Name of consultant Leibling finds the name “very cool”. The linguist Janich, however, has doubts. “I don’t know if younger people know the Film ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ at all.” On top of that, the criminal couple have to do with hair, Yes.

In any case, hairdressers can put up with a targeted choice of name accents, in order to reach certain target groups. “Anglicisms in speaking, for example, more young people,” says Janich. According to your experience of so-called Denglish is not in the elderly. The same is true for formulations with incorrect grammar such as “the king of Beers”.

Haarmonie suggests exactly

Some of the word game, is now used by so many Barber shops that it evokes at most a tired Smile. Absolute front runner Haarmonie is “”: The word appears in various write-in 195 in the Salons of the nationwide sample. “Right,” comes to 135 shops, “hair sharp” to just under 100.

the question of whether the names bring something. As a Germanist, Janich has doubts. Essential, the craft was ultimately quality. Who is the new hairstyle is good, a far-fetched word play doesn’t matter.

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