in 1977, has left the probe “Voyager 2” the earth and now 41 years later, our solar system. The Nasa reported on Monday afternoon Central European time. It is the second human was made the object that I have ventured ever in this area, it said.

the first is the probe “Voyager-1”. She had to leave as the first man-made object 2012 our solar system (read more here).

“Voyager 2” is in interstellar space, reveal the researchers, among other things, measurements of the so-called Plasma Science experiment (PLS) onboard the probe. It measures the electric current, the speed, density and temperature of the solar wind, they form a kind of shell around our solar system and are considered to be the outer shell.


On 5. November, the speed of the winds. Since then the Instrument has detected no solar winds and more. In addition, the measurements of three other devices on Board the spacecraft indicate that this has left the boundary of our solar system. Voyager 2 is now approximately 18 billion kilometres away from earth.

Nasa is still able to communicate with the probe. It takes the speed of light, however, more than 16 hours, until the messages arrive on the earth. For comparison: The distance from the sun to the earth at the speed of light in about eight minutes.

“Voyager 2” is intended to provide researchers with new knowledge about the Region beyond our solar system. As the PLS of the “Voyager 1” was already gone in 1980, broken, long before the probe has left the solar system, the new probe data, the researchers for a number of years to wait.

the Details of the Experiment want to give known researchers on Monday evening at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Washington.


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