Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has warned in a dispute with Russia on the INF Treaty from dangerous over-reaction of the military Alliance. Ideas from the USA for a rapid nuclear rearmament in Europe, he thinks fire is dangerous.

“of Course we need a credible deterrent,” said Stoltenberg, “however, does not reflect the Nato tank for tank, or missile for missile, which Russia has in its stocks”.

Stoltenberg appeals to the reason of the Alliance. In the case of the Nato will be discussed behind the Scenes are already working hard on the question of how the Alliance must respond to the new situation. In the USA a very harsh tone.

The dispute to the 1987 closed-INF-disarmament agreement between Moscow and Washington, which prohibits track the development of nuclear insertion of the rotatable means missiles with a range over 500 kilometers, was last week finally escalated.

The USA accuse Russia for years, the INF Treaty with a new medium-missile program range to break. Now the Trump-government gave Russian President Putin to 60 days to destroy the weapons, or Washington getting out of the contract.

Far-reaching consequences

The contract fear had prevented for decades the two superpowers as in the Cold war, huge Nuclear-test-set-up arsenals around Europe, which would destroy in case of conflict throughout the continent.

The United States values the new Russian missiles, Nato-with the detection of SSC-8, as a shift in the strategic balance in favour of Russia and thus as a serious military threat.

In the case of Nato, it was recently surprisingly open intelligence knowledge, according to which Russia had equipped several battalions of the army, each with 24 nuclear-capable cruise missiles of the type. The launchers were mobile, and from the air are difficult to elucidate.

Not only pacifists fear that the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty would have far-reaching consequences. Donald trump’s security Advisor has already instructed the United States would need to develop rapid new medium-range missiles in Europe.

Stoltenberg, meanwhile, struggled to a fashion tone rates in the debate. “For me it is much too early to talk about the situation in a world without the INF Treaty,” he said in Brussels, “it is a very serious and dangerous debate, so we have to be balanced”.

Stoltenberg urges Russia

the Nato of the dispute, the agreement could be a political ordeal. In spite of new evidence for the breaking of the Treaty by Russia, the Alliance had used up last week, to accuse Moscow clear.

the harsh exchange rate of the United States could endanger the Unity again. Insiders expect that Washington could agree to the stationing of new missiles on a bilateral basis with one or more members, but not with the whole Alliance.

Agreed to a Nato-Partner in such a Deal, would the different factions in the Alliance in a very ugly way visible. So countries like Germany for years on the dialogue with Russia, the Eastern Europeans, however, want to clear edge against Putin.

Stoltenberg was not appealing so tired of Russia, but to come back to this in the contract. In Brussels, he spoke of a “last Chance”, however, he also warned that for Russia, the time course thereof.

However, as optimistic Stoltenberg is that Moscow is coming back to the table? “If I’m talking about the opportunities now myself down, I reduce you, so to speak, to zero,” said the Nato chief. Real hope sounds different.

The interview with Jens Stoltenberg was held in the Brussels headquarters of Nato, the Federal press office invited journalists.

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