Naver-KT-to-boost-Korea's hypberscale-AI-project
A senior KT official demonstrates the telecom operator’s AI model. Along with three other companies, KT will boost the hyper-scale AI ecosystem for smaller enterprises in a project headed by the NIA. Photo courtesy of KT

NIA picks four companies to support AI adoption

The National Information Society Agency (NIA) said on June 5 that it had picked four high-tech corporations, including KT and Naver, to boost the country’s hyper-scale artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Two other outfits were AI startups of and, which will cooperate to come up with advanced AI models available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

More than 120 small companies will be able to take advantage of the hyper-scale AI for their businesses.

KT will offer its AI model, dubbed Mideum, which is based on a total of 2 billion parameters, to provide AI chatbots and other data summary services.

Naver will contribute with HyperCLOVA X, which will be disclosed next month. It is powered by up to 2.4 billion parameters and specializes in Korean language data.

The former is Korea’s leading telecom operator, while the latter is the country’s foremost internet company.

“We have chosen the four companies because they had tried-and-tested AI models, which were commercially viable and ready for services,” a NIA official commented.

On top of the AI models, the NIA plans to offer customized consulting services to companies so that they will be able to better utilize them.

Established in the 1980s to underpin the country’s computerization and informatization, the NIA has played an active role in Korea’s fast growth in digital and info-tech businesses.

The state-backed agency, which is headed by President Hwang Jong-sung, also has worked on cutting-edge technologies, including AI.

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