if you wanted to go the shortest way, you could hold on to just that Boris Palmer sees the Slogan “Nazis out” is critical, and you know that it is right and good. Because we have longer time, we can take a closer look at what’s been going on for a sad debate, since the ZDF-journalist Nicole Diekmann tweeted at the beginning of the year, “Nazis out”.

First of all, The most German debate ever – both in terms of the ping brightness, it is asked, what is mean exactly for each of the two words in the Individual and in combination, as well as in reference to the widespread willingness to tolerate xenophobia and to show solidarity in case of doubt, however, with Anti-fascists.

The excitement of Nicole Diekmanns Tweet had to do the first time is also something to Diekmann on demand, which is exactly a Nazi, made the joke, “everyone who does not choose the Green” and irony on the Internet is always thin ice. But not just that. You also had to do with the fact that there are in a country where people feel a “Nazis out” and attacked a Problem.

A simple spell

of Course, not only problems. In addition to hostility and threats, the journalist also received a lot of solidarity by all sorts of people, of individuals, of media. Boris Becker tweeted “Nazis out,” the German football Association as well. Germany radio culture, came in to discuss then, but shortly thereafter, in a broadcast on German radio, whether that was the right one. “A Tweet for all the trolls and Right. #Nazis out” of the Text, the Nicola Balkenhol, Germany radio online boss, in hindsight, was not successful, wherein they explained but all the same, some actually only on the basic law to see, that in Germany there is no place for Nazis it should be.

It is actually quite simple. “Nazis out” is a simple spell, but the demo spells. You don’t go to a Demo and says, “did you Know that the denazification in Germany did not work out so well, and in politics and the judiciary is still important Offices people are busy, the statements in which, sometimes, group-focused enmity can be found, and we don’t want to discuss it, because I would ask very drum”. And not least of all the Nazis is “out” of the convincing clarity, because “foreigners out” is also very simple.

Nice controversial

For Germany 2019 is “Nazis out” but already controversial. Some of the questions, whether out of naivety or Trollerei: Yes, where are you going? Get out of Germany? Get out in the fresh air? Yes, where is out? Suggestions: get Out of political institutions, out of the police, out of the schools and Unis, get out of the life of people that make every day experiences with racism. That would be a start.

you Would think. Instead, once declared across the Feuilleton, which is “Nazis out,” everything is allegedly problematic.

“Online” wrote Mariam Lau on “Nazis out” as an example of linguistic depravity and a “dangerous fatalism”. “The term Nazi has become a fighting word,” the “Cicero”. Yes, when? At the time of its invention, perhaps? “You have to decide,” wrote Antje Hildebrandt: “solidarity for a journalist who pretends to care about the future of democracy? Or understanding for the feeling of being Nazis offended? Option A will cost only a Like Option B requires the ridge a little.” Backbone that is more recently? Or rather, the very blatant desire to cuddle prefer to Right to, as to overcome the envy of a colleague, the man derided as “Jeanne d’Arc in the fight against the Right”? On the “world Online” was the slogan, “Nazis out”-Slogan was “unconstitutional”: The author, Richard Schröder made a substantial rotation, of the fact that Nazis reason are unlawful, and switch on the idea that “Nazis is out” to say “literally” a “invitation to the violation of the Constitution”, because near would be put, Nazis should not be banned abroad, which, however, was legally impossible in Germany. In addition, Mathias Döpfner , the spell-out of alleged “Nazis” would trivialize “Nazism, the Holocaust minimize”, without any explanation, what a magical way that is going to work.

Who is doing nothing more, has lost

enable Who say “Nazis out”, a further criticism of the Nazis, to the victims. “Who is the extreme right, is using the lawsuit over the ‘lobe’ to the self-belittling,” wrote the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Yes, of course. Extreme right-wing will use ANYTHING to self-belittling, and to make themselves out to be victims of a supposed main stream style, this is not to say, however, that you do not need to fight them. He who does nothing, what are not able to turn the Nazis somehow, as Pursued to portray, is nothing to do against Nazis and lost.

As can be seen in the reactions to a simple Tweet, as you can turn in to a political debate is wrong: in a most curious text interpretations of an old and legitimate Slogans, held in solidarity with those who are acutely threatened with violence. The attack on the AfD-politician Frank Magnitz the everything was not better: From a “black day for democracy,” wrote Ulf Poschardt, in the “world”, as every day was a black day for the democracy of the AfD in the Bundestag rushes or people are attacked on the basis of appearance or origin on the street.

stand Together against Nazis

The free-lance author Veronika Kracher, who has also written for the “taz”, out described on Twitter the assault on Magnitz as “consistent implementation of #Nazis”. You do not need to find a good, you do not need to write like the “taz”newspaper editor-in-chief Georg Löwisch Text directly into the “taz” – Blog, distancing oneself from it. No one is anyway Reasonable to assume that everything free author make on Social Media, is representative for all media, for the you have ever written (so the MIRROR would have had to long for his cat fetish to justify). The author firecracker had reasons at the time, as Löwischs Text appeared, already in mass threats of violence by the Nazis to get and had to have a lecture on anti-Semitism that had been planned to be longer, to a secret location and routing, security.

The “taz” was attacked on Monday morning by activists of the Identitarian movement, which sought to posters on the building to install, and a “taz”employee physically attacks you wanted to prevent. No one who expresses itself publicly against the right, and is secure from being attacked. The more important it is that those who stand together, who will find no place for Nazis it should be.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.