“Fear the beard” fear the beard.

For years this Mantra haunts the basketball world. It pays homage to the Superstar of the Houston Rockets: James Harden. The 29-Year-old is a six-time NBA all-star, most valuable player in the League (2018), Basketball champion of the world (2014) and Olympic champion (2012). A highly decorated athlete so – and yet had to fear opposition players the Bearded never before so much as in the past few weeks. The Shooting Guard is in the Form of his life – and nightly records tumbled.

“It’s crazy,” said Hardens currently injured Co-Star Chris Paul, even nine-time all-star and most valuable player in 2013, recently told the sports channel ESPN. “It’s crazy to see the games and experience. What he does is unbelievable.”

As once Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

In the last twelve Games, Harden has led his Rockets to eleven Wins and came to 40.1 points, and 9.0 Assists and 6.6 Rebounds. In the course of this run, Historic succeeded: Harden is now the only player in the NBA history, scoring in eight consecutive Games by at least 35 points and 5 Assists.

he is Also the only one in the same interval, five each of three recessed. To Harden recorded the last five times in a row, 40 or more points, what has been achieved in the past 50 years, only Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. All of these best brands can expand Harden even more – and not a few are wondering how to stop the dreaded Beard in this Constitution.

“You can’t do it. You can not defend unless you foulst him without the Referee whistles,” says Rockets Coach Mike D’antoni about his Superstar. J. B. Bickerstaff, former coach of Harden, and current Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, said: “Some of the throws to him are not easy to defend.” Previously had served him his former protégé, 43 points, 10 Rebounds and 13 Assists.

At the same time, powerful, fast, and sent

What makes Harden so strong, is his rare combination of physical, technical and cognitive abilities: He is on his Position the well-wuchtigste player in the League, at the same time, he moves very quickly and nimbly over the floor. Because with Clint Capela is also still one of the most capable block plate to the NBA assists, manages to Harden, often with ease, in the Zone where it is flush with unprecedented Timing, Fouls, or a better-positioned teammate. All of 19.2 Times per game, Harden draws this season to the basket, 11.8 points he generates from these actions, in addition to 11.1 free throws – of course, all League-highs.

Almost even more dangerous Harden, however, is outside of the Zone, behind the Three-point line, where he quotes more than half (12,2) his 22.1 throws. Among his specialties are the three off the dribble, one of the most difficult statements in the Basketball. Harden the success of which 11.1 per game. Also, under enemy pressure, as in the night on Thursday in the final seconds against the NBA Champion Golden State: Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, so two of the Top defenders Harden fired his tenth successful Threesome in the basket to 135:134-victory. Shout With Joy, Celebration Evening. Fear the beard.

The emotional win against Golden State was the provisional climax of Hardens historic run. With his Gala performances, he led the weak into the season launched Rockets single-handedly back in the Playoff rankings, from 14th place to fourth place within a period of three weeks.

Should Harden his top form only upright, he could be the twelfth player in NBA history to win the since 1955, awarded the MVP Award for most valuable player twice in a row. The prospect of the trophy to spurs Harden, as he admitted recently to the sports magazine “Bleacher Report”: “I need you, definitely. And I’m gonna get them.”

Harden not enough for the title

That it also creates the trophy to the NBA champion in Hardens of collection, is less likely to: Currently stands and falls on the offensive game, the Rockets with Hardens brilliance, he is currently in the location, consistently throws for themselves, and to create others.

in the medium to long-term Co will return-Star Paul. The violation of vulnerability, but as the shaky Defensive of the major problems, which are currently concealed by a Harden in the Form. Currently, this System might work, but in a Playoff series if can set opponents on four to seven games to the Rockets, it is calculate to be easy – in spite of a beard to Fear.

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