you’ve come a long way, they are even related – nevertheless, the 42-year-old Terry Rozier, Sr., and spent a 24-year-old son, Terry Rozier III, so far only little time with each other. Because while the son made it to the Boston Celtics in the Pro Basketball League NBA, sat the father almost continuously in prison. Now he is free again and the two spend together, for the first time the new year’s day. “I don’t know what we are doing. But it is definitely a fun. We’ll see,” says Rozier III the MIRROR.

He is cabin in the Celtics and talks in detail about his father, shot guns in the childhood days and life in danger at home in Youngstown, Ohio. Rozier III has no problems, to tell his story. He is neither emotional nor aggressive. For him, it was a “matter of course” to pick his father up, as at 6. August was discharged from the penitentiary. He stresses that the relationship is “different now”, both of them could talk to each other, “whenever we want to.” He had not been previously accustomed to.

Childhood in murder town, USA

Terry Rozier III is coming on may 17. March 1994 in Youngstown to the world. His home was once a proud steel town. Much better known, however, it is for crime and corruption. As the Mafia-fighting Clans from Pittsburgh and Cleveland in the Fifties and sixties for supremacy in the Mahoning Valley, in the center of Youngstown is located, the city had nicknames such as “murder town, USA” and “Bomb City, USA”.

Who is the Mafia in the way came, was shot and killed either or with car bombs blew up. Up to the turn of the Millennium, the fierce fighting in the 65.000 inhabitants of the city continued. In the year 2000, it was in the policy-The magazine “The New Republic” that “the chief of police, which controlled the outgoing Prosecutor, the Sheriff, members of the local police, several criminal lawyer, politician and judge from the “Mob”.

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“a Lot of growing up here, spend their entire lives here. Because they know nothing else,” says Roziers mother, Gina Tucker. She has three children by three different men. One was shot, the other two, including Terry Rozier, Sr., landed in jail. He is 18 years old, as Terry Rozier III is born. Only two months later, the father is sentenced for aggravated robbery, to eight years in prison.

As the son of six, the mother, the little Terry had gone from Youngstown. The area in which you live in is too dangerous. To protect themselves, and to the son, she has three weapons – all three of them always at hand. Once an Ex-boyfriend from the fires of their several shots on the house. The bullets hit the outer wall. Terry is still very young, but is that in the house the weapons are hidden – and plays with them. It was all “part of my environment,” says Rozier III, who spends the majority of his Childhood and youth, and henceforth, the grandmother in a suburb of Cleveland.

get Out of the prison into the prison

When he is nine years old, his father out of prison. The two quickly find each other, spend a lot of time together. It was “the best summer” of his life, says Rozier III today. He finally had what his friends have always been: a father who plays with him, Football, or Basketball, and to him the fishing teaches. But the harmony ends on the 27. July 2003. He regrets every day what he did, says Rozier, Sr., because he had lost “so much”.

Together with three mates he attracts a Couple to have a house to sell him a supposedly car rims. But in reality, you want the two to Rob. It comes to a scuffle, which resulted in a shot fired and a 17-year-old robber dies. Rozier Sr. and the other two plead guilty, are convicted of kidnapping, robbery and negligent homicide in a less serious case. In 2005, Rozier, Sr., a 13-year sentence. His son is eleven years – and for the most important and formative Phase of his life without a father.

Both talk once a week. There are long conversations. If the father and son made a phone call, says Rozier III, then this is “how to his time in Jail. Because we are talking an eternity.” He bought his father a small house in a suburb of Youngstown. Terry Rozier, Sr., works for a cleaning company. At the beginning of October, he had to see his son for the first time live play. The Celtics visiting Cleveland and the Junior had worried his father a place directly on the field of play. In mid-November Rozier, Sr., was then for the first Time at a home game of the Celtics. On 2. January against Minnesota, he will sit in the Arena again.

Both be aware of, says Rozier III, that the father could not make up for the lost time in prison. Nevertheless, it has cancel been always been important to him to keep him in his life, the contact never. Terry Rozier, Sr., is proud of his son, admired his development, but at the same time, clear that he had no part in it. To the daily newspaper, “the Boston Globe”, he said: “Terry is kind of exactly like me, but on the other hand, is completely different. He is a better man than I was.”

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