US President Donald Trump has rejected a recent US authorities have published climate report. “I don’t believe it,” said Trump about the Central conclusion of the study, which had given the U.S. Congress in order. The report was made on Friday public, he warns that climate change will increasingly become a danger for the economy of the United States and around the world.

In the climate report (National Climate Assessment, NCA) said among other things, that up to the middle of the century, “the annual losses in the United States due to climate change hundreds of billions of dollars”. More than 300 scientists have written it, requires drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump las according to his own statement, only a part of the about a thousand pages of comprehensive study. Already the NCA-report of the past year, he had dismissed as nonsense.

According to Trump the United States are “as clean as never before,”

The United States is currently “as clean as never before,” Trump said. This was very important to him. At the same time, he referred to the situation in other countries: “But if we are clean and anywhere else in the world, it is dirty, then that is not good.”

In the past year, Trump, who had referred to climate change in the past as a “joke” and “invention” had announced the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris climate protection agreement. Even with the recent natural disasters, of which the United States were haunted, drew Trump climate change in doubt.

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