It was a point of victory in the fight against right-wing extremism in Thüringen. With a legal Gimmick, the authorities prevented mid-January that the a business-minded neo-Nazi Tommy Frenck bought another property. Apartments for Lone parents, leisure activities for Young and Old, in Europe for German – Frenck described the planned use concept for the old factory owner’s Villa in the südthüringischen village of Kloster Veßra, he wanted to acquire. The Ministry of the interior feared, however, other intentions: more space for Frencks radical events, more revenue, more influence.

However, officials noticed a form error, due to a deadline violation, the auction of the house needs to be repeated now. The Plan of the neo-Nazis is stopped for the time being. The country’s interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD), was pleased: “It is a small success”.

seems to have been happy Maier early. Because the next business is so good like: In the center is an Inn with velvet a large plot of land, only 17 kilometers from Frencks Inn in Koster Veßra. Price: 250,000 euros. Buyer is a newly formed real estate company, the managing Director has the best contacts to Tommy Frenck and another neo-Nazi.

concerts as a revenue source

The new Deal shows how much money is moved in the extreme right-wing Milieu, especially in Eastern Germany, in the meantime, and how little the authorities and society, sometimes, against have. An important source of financing for the scene concert Events and large Festivals. In the year 2017, the highest value since 2005, the nationwide recorded 289 rights, music events,. In the past year, the number is likely to be increased further, first statistics of Saxony, suggest that, in addition to Thuringia, the stronghold of such events.

Large Festivals, such as in the Thuringian town of Themar, enjoy a lasting popularity in the extreme right-wing scene. With Thousands of visitors, the organizers put in just a few days tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros. “We see a return of the right-wing extremists to collection points, such as concerts and Events,” says Henry Krentz, an Analyst of the Saxon Constitution protection. “Many of the fixed structures and comradeships are disintegrated in the past few years, the persons potential is still there. All the more important community experiences such as music events.”

to Finance The organizers use the money earned not only for their livelihoods, or to other Events. What are the safety authorities, particularly, the investments made by neo-Nazis in their own real estate. Especially in structurally weak rural areas in the East can offer for solvent extremists ideal conditions.

“There are too many regions to be fertile ground for right-wing extremists. A lot of bother not very of Rights, the purchase of real estate, Restaurants, or other shops,” says a message to the workshop. “In the Restaurant, a scene size should now stop even the Voluntary fire brigade of the municipality. The guy is life-anchored in the village. As is to be expected in the population, relatively little resistance,” said the official.

One of the most active neo-Nazis in the state is Tommy Frenck, of the property owners from the monastery of Veßra. He operates an Inn, leads in the extreme right-wing scene, a popular shipping trade, and provides concert Events in Grand style on the legs. Nationally, he was known for in 2017, as the main organizer of the large rock Festivals in Themar, with around 7000 visitors. Authorities estimated that the profit should have been alone at this event in the six-digit range. Constitutional activists, according to Frenck invested profits from the concert business in new real estate.

Tommy Frenck (archive)

neo-Nazis, investing in their own infrastructure: A development, which is observed since years. The Mobile counseling in Thuringia (MOBIT) is now one of 15 properties owned by neo-Nazis. In 2013, there were nine. Another one could be added.

The Inn in bratten village advertises on its Website, with a beer garden and multiple event rooms, suitable “for larger celebrations”. The operator wants to sell the tavern for some time, now, the change of ownership is imminent. The buyer is a initial in November, based real estate company. It has been operating under the same address as the Inn. Business purpose according to the German Federal Gazette: “The acquisition of land for the purpose of the letting and Operating of dining”.

the Sole Director and shareholder of the company is an insurance salesman from a town Near Saalfeld with good contacts in the right-wing scene. A public photo on Facebook shows him with clothes from Tommy Frencks neo-Nazi shipping. In addition, the man is a member of the public Facebook group “Young companionship Zwickau” and several entries on Facebook, according to – apparently a regular guest in Frencks Inn in Kloster Veßra.

The fear of the scene connoisseurs and safety authorities: the managing Director of the company could be a straw man of neo-Nazis, or even for Frenck personally. Also the Thuringian Minister of the interior, Maier spoke on Thursday in the Parliament the efforts of the extreme Right, to purchase the Inn in bratten village. These estimates were true, this would be the object in the future for other events.

“your Own real estate, have the advantage that the extreme Right are independent in the organization of events,” says a constitutional protector. It is less dependent on approvals and have less Trouble. “If a property is in the hands of the appropriate people, are going to tackle these structures difficult.”

Facebook photo with Landser-Shirt

Over the MIRROR did not want to speak to the managing Director of the real estate company. Tommy Frenck denied on request, to be behind the Inn Deal. He had added a Euro to the price of 250,000 euros. He knew the Manager, so how many other people in the Region. He had to do with the possible purchase but nothing.

striking just Frencks Connections to the managers themselves, however, are not. To a temp chef from Frencks Restaurant in Kloster Veßra in the bratten villages Inn is working now. The chef makes out of his disposition no secret: Facebook Benjamin D. wears a T-Shirt of the notorious neo-Nazi Band Landser. Is friends he is with Tommy Frenck, as well as with the managing Director of the real estate company.

On the telephone to the operator and the seller of the Inn in bratten village, it does not mean that it is the voice that you give the object to the Right. Why a neo-Nazi working with him in the kitchen? “He was the first person who can properly cook”.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.