Matthias Schweighöfer has canceled a concert in Erfurt in pain. The 37-Year-old (“100 things”) trapped at the performance in front of about a thousand Fans on Tuesday evening is believed to be a cervical nerve, as a spokesman for the Messe Erfurt GmbH said.

The singer left against 22 at the stage on the Fairgrounds in the Thuringian capital, and went to a hospital. The “Bild”newspaper, according to a Crew member of the artist informed the audience about the reasons. Accordingly, Schweighöfer could hardly move, and saw double.

Schweighöfer is currently Laughing on his Tour, “cry Dance”. The Wednesday scheduled a concert in Zwickau Stadthalle will not take place to the organizer. Accordingly, a medical examination showed that it would be advised that the musicians don’t pause a day in order not to endanger the implementation of the following concerts. All card holders could give their Tickets or for other performances.



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