Shown above is an image from Lezhin Entertainment’s “D.P Dog’s Day,” written by Kim Botong. Photo courtesy of Lezhin Entertainment

Lezhin’s ‘D.P Dog’s Day’ will be created as new original series

Global media giant Netflix plans to adapt Lezhin Entertainment’s highly popular webcomics, “D.P Dog’s Day,” in order to produce a new original series.

Lezhin Entertainment said on July 1 that famous creator Kim Botong’s web cartoon, otherwise called webtoon, will be recreated as a drama series of the streamer.

Netflix has already hit the jackpot with a drama adaptation of Korean webtoon series as amply demonstrated by “Kingdom,” which chalked up a global success.

As one of the most popular stories of Lezhin Entertainment, “D.P Dog’s Day” started publication in 2015 to win more than 100 million views over the past five years.

It depicts young soldiers in the South Korea military, who are distressed to the point of desertion, through the eyes of a military policeman tasked with arresting them.

The number of deserters has decreased by 80 percent, and suicide numbers are down, but there are still cases of desertion and suicide in the Korean military,” Kim Botong said in a statement.

To the public, it seems like the military has improved, but I can’t help but worry that the violence has only shifted. I hope this will be an opportunity for the public to find a way to end the chain of abuse.”

Kim added that his webtoon would give a glimpse of the oft-unseen circumstances of military deserters.

Korea is dubbed as birthplace and hotbed of webtoon as the country’s market size nears $1 billion. Its digital comic books have also gained big popularity in such regions as Japan, Southeast Asian countries, the United States, and Europe.

As a trailblazer of webtoons, Lezhin Entertainment is one of the largest premium webtoon providers in Korea.