The American streaming group Netflix wants to strengthen in the face of increasing competition from its Position on the European market.

Alone in the German-speaking area of Netflix is aiming for in the coming year the production of five new series announced Europe-program Director Kelly Luegenbiehl at the Munich media days. All were from 2019, a total of 190 countries.

“At Netflix, we want to tell local stories, global will be understood,” said Luegenbiehl. Each of the projects was on the one hand, unmistakably English, and on the other hand, in the case of viewers around the world a “universal sense of connection”.

In the series, “Tribes of Europe” will be fought according to Netflix after a mysterious global catastrophe in a post-apocalyptic future, the domination of the continent. “The barbarian” tribes from the battle between the Roman army and Germanic.

The youth series “Don’t Try This At Home” revolves around three students and their Online drug trade. In “Skylines” plays a Frankfurt-based Hip-Hop producer the criminal underworld and the police against each other. In an as-yet-untitled Christmas mini-series of four generations of Women meet to Feast and lay their secrets on the table.

Three German series released Netflix already or in production: “Dark”, in the second season, “the Dogs of Berlin” starts soon, and “The wave” is currently being prepared.

at the beginning of this week, the Telecom announced it program offer MagentaTV, which operated until now under EntertainTV, to develop between two and four productions a year for its customers.


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