Recently published book, Religious and Philosophical Traditions of Korea

Dr. Kevin N. Cawley, director of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies in the School of Asian Studies at University College Cork (UCC), authored a book titled “Religious and Philosophical Traditions of Korea.”

The newly published book gets praises from experts across the world.

Kevin’s book is an excellent phenomenological and chronological overview suitable for undergraduates or for postgraduates wanting to understand the distinctly character of these traditions in Korea,” said James Grayson, a former professor at the University of Sheffield.

David Kim at University of San Francisco noted that the book blazes a trail.

Until Cawley’s textbook, there has been no text in the Anglophone literature that explains the religious and philosophical traditions of Korea in a historically comprehensive manner,” he said.

It fills this significant gap in a way that will be appealing to a range of students and scholars, and will be tremendously useful pedagogically.”

James Kapalo at UCC also expressed his hypes on the book.

Kevin Cawley has produced a thoughtful and extremely readable introduction to the history of religions and philosophical systems in Korea,” he said.

This work, as well as illuminating Korea’s fascinating and diverse religious landscape, also thoroughly situates the traditions discussed with the broader East Asian context making this an invaluable companion for the student of East Asian thought.”

The book also gets good responses from readers as it is included in Amazon’s hot new releases list.

Author’s bio

Dr. Cawley received his Ph.D. in Korean Studies from the University of Sheffield and was then awarded the prestigious Kyujanggak Research Fellowship at Seoul National University.

He set up the first Korean Studies program in Ireland for both undergraduate and postgraduate students at UCC where he now leads the Department of Asian Studies.

He has published widely in international peer-reviewed journals and books on topics related to Korea’s religious and philosophical traditions, focusing on various issues between traditions, by engaging with contemporary critical theory.

He is the founding managing director of the online peer-reviewed Irish Journal of Asian Studies and chief of the Irish Association for Asian Studies.