Peter Altmaiers (CDU) Federal Ministry of economic Affairs has submitted the draft of the building energy law and to oblige the builders to a variety of environmental regulations – not just to new buildings immediately to the electric car charging stations at the ready.

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This would not only be in the case of apartment buildings is important, but especially in the case of commercial properties which are leased or rented to artisans or suppliers. Logistics companies have complained already to the Federal government. The EU has obliged the member States to the establishment of a charging infrastructure in new construction and renovations by law to prescribe.

infringement proceedings by the EU

threatens This must be done by March 2020, otherwise an infringement procedure by the EU against Germany is imminent. The Ministry wants to use “the deadline for the EU”, in order to meet the requirements in another law. The green MP Oliver Krischer assumed, however, that the real estate lobby could have exerted the pressure and says: “The German government deported the ramp-up of electric mobility.”

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