Volkswagen creates for the era of electric mobility, a new business division. Owners of battery-driven cars will soon be able to in the whole of Europe green electricity by the German group. The wolf Burger want to merge their activities in this field throughout the group in a new subsidiary. The VW said on Tuesday.

In a first step, is to be offered from February to current, of the tribe of completely CO2-free production. This energy should be from hydropower plants and wind farms used the VW part self-create. Later, the offer should be supplemented with a map, with the customers of electricity for E-cars charging stations can pin.

in Addition, VW will gradually build up a Portfolio of electricity tariffs, charging stations, so-called wall boxes for home, and an IT-based energy management. The offer of the brand “Elli” (short form of the Electric & Life) depended not only on their own customers and employees, but also the holder of E-cars from other manufacturers as well as private households and institutions, it said.

The current offer is to go to the Start, when the first electric car of the new ID family of VW at the beginning of 2020 comes on the market. For the car, VW in Zwickau, his production.

After Volkswagen has failed for years to invest sufficiently in the electric mobility, threatens the group to be now of foreign competitors suspended. Therefore, group chief Diess now trying to catch up. By 2025 at the latest, the VW brand is supposed to build throughout the world, more than a Million E-Mobile-a-year, group-wide, it should be up to three million.


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