no one in Donald Trumps environment. In two years the US President a half-dozen Cabinet has worn out members, as well as a chief strategist, two security and a economic adviser, two communication Directors, and a spokesman, an FBI Director and two chiefs of staff.

surprised it’s not that Mick Mulvaneys the new title of Trump announced via Twitter from the outset with a restriction acting” chief of staff of the White house”.

Why only Commissioner, wanted to know the surprised reporters on Friday evening, after they had initially been sent for the weekend to go home: Finally, the Job starts only in January, but must be confirmed by Congress – Trump has named him, ready. Or?

“He’s acting chief of staff, which means that he is chief of staff,” said a Trump spokesman, also didn’t know the Reporter. He has been in office, so he is.

trump is still acting, acting chief of staff John Kelly is no longer in office sowieo long-only on paper – the President and the frustrated Kelly, was to be heard, to speak for weeks together. What is revealed at the same time, as this was once the Central Post, the Mulvaney””, Trump is eroded to irrelevance.

As Mulvaney fits perfectly. In Trumps killing-Rolodex, he’s the sweeper for everything: The arch-conservative Ex-Deputy was recently in charge of the US budget authority, he made like a redundant, and in the meantime, the consumer protection Board, which he dismantled as a straw man in the industry so that it exists only in name.

The Bleeding of the US government apparatus under Trump is now in the joint chiefs of staff-charade its peak. The especially like Trump himself, with nothing to say, and often does what he wants, so blatant, confusing, or counterproductive it may be.


Ex-General Kelly, in which many had hoped for a kind Babysitter for Trump, turned out to be so unlucky as previous Reince Priebus. He not only survived longer because the military quit – and because he and Trump are ideological brothers, in their radical immigration policies.

Kelly was always photographed more often, as he buried his head in disbelief in the hands, and should go until a late replacement for the ejector seat. But Trump pulled before the ripcord. The search is not accelerated.

A candidate after the other beckoned onwards: Vice-President Mike Pences chief of staff Nick Ayers. Minister Of Finance, Steven Mnuchin. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Congress Insider Mark Meadows. Ex-Governor Chris Christie. Although it is unclear whether Christie was asked at all – as a Prosecutor he had once brought the father Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner for 14 months behind bars.

“I’m going to interview some really great people for the Position,” in between, tweeted Trump, and called everything else “Fake News”.

Trump in the Oval Office

But in truth, none of us wanted to. Because Trump burns even loyal employees by the dozen, destroyed their careers and often their lives. Anyone who works in the White house, needs expensive lawyers, because everything that happens there is material proof not only for Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller, but for a number of other procedures.

Just showed the events of the last week, that the investigators Trumps closest circle – family, group, consultants – as a criminal organization, treat, and also digging. The actors, whether they are conscious or unconscious accomplices, to fall like dominoes, from the outside to the inside, until in the end only the man is in the centre.

The political Wind has turned. In January, the Democrats in the house of representatives of the Power, you can make what the White house life difficult. Such as through subpoenas and evidence requirements, and by not attempting to disassemble Trumps Agenda – or what’s left of it. Also, since the staff would be the head of the focal point.

Robert Mueller

Who wants a hell of a job organizing? The circle of interested people together fell on trump’s most loyal vassals – and, Yes, his family. Last Kushner was even in the conversation.

Mulvaney wanted to it seems. As Kelly was still fresh in office, he is said to have been smuggled to the new visitor system over to the White house to talk directly with Trump. “Do you want to fucking chief of staff?”, have Kelly hissed at him.

Now he is. Starting in January, anyway, “Commissioner”.

Oh, Yes: And Mulvaney will give up his previous Post as budget chief, not , but just let it rest, said trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders later, which only provided even more confusion.

“To be clear,” tweeted Trump in the evening, “MANY people wanted to be chief of staff.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.