had to Who want to bring ergo therapist, in addition to the interest in working with physically and psychologically has an impact on people so far, one more thing: money. Because a compensation is the most prospective, ergo not receive therapist.

And not only that: The training is linked to the visit of a technical school – and because most of these schools are private institutions, per month school fees of up to 500 euros.

All that’s about to change for the new year – at least for many Sufferers. Here is the most important information.

apprentices without a salary – is it really?

Yes. The affected health professions, such as, for example, the journalism to the liberal Professions. The majority of trainees will not be trained in a operation, but on a nationwide 370 private schools. In the normal case, these trainees must not only safeguard your livelihood but also education pay money.

what professions is it exactly?

It is apprenticeships, which are almost completed exclusively by women: the dietitian, occupational therapist, speech therapist, medical technical assistant, as well as to the orthoptist. Not nurses are affected prospective sick; they receive during their training a salary.

How high is the new training allowance is?

“Now the trainees have made a jump from zero to 965 euros in the first year of training, 1025 in the second year, and 1122 in the third year,” says Frank Bsirske, Chairman of the trade Union Verdi. Had negotiated with the tariff community of German Länder (TdL) and the Association of municipal employers ‘ associations (VKA). The new agreement applies to hospitals in the municipalities and the Länder – but not for the private hospitals.

How is it that now a salary will be paid?

two years Ago, some Hundreds of trainees together at the University hospitals, established a tariff Commission, and joined the trade Union Verdi. “They have really done a great job,” says Bsirske. In March 2017, was collected in the round of Negotiations with the local carriers for the first Time, the demand for the new Apprentice salary. In November 2018, finally, the new statements have been signed.

Why did the Union not for the trainees?

trade unions can conclude collective contracts for workers to organize. A precondition for collective bargaining is a trade Union representing in the sector concerned, a sufficient number of members.

Old – and sick care: What is against the state of emergency in the care of DPA, helps Everywhere the nurses – no wonder, lack, many earn barely more than minimum wage. But poor pay is not the only Problem. A study shows The state could improve the situation with standards.

Would prohibit the Federal government such training without pay?

the Union and the SPD have handled the issue in the coalition agreement, the shortage of skilled workers in nursing and in the health sector. It says: “We will arrange the training of Health professionals in the framework of an overall concept, and strengthen. We want to abolish the school fees for the education in the health professions, such as professions in the care has already been decided. We are implementing a midwife training in accordance with the EU requirements as the academic profession.”

Can hope of other, still unpaid trainees now also on a salary?

you would have to organize as their colleagues in the field of health have power, in trade unions and then in the appropriate collective bargaining occur. An automatic Takeover of the new regulations for other professions.

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