Only an isolated incident or a vulnerability in the Anti-Doping fight? The doping bottle manufacturer Berlinger may have again a Problem with its products. Because: On 21. December 2018, it came at a doping control in Norway, to an unusual incident.

the 19-year-old pole vaulter Sondre his blood Guttormsen wanted to seal the sample, he was able to open the sharps container, model “Bereg-Kit small”, first of all to turn him, but then again. The process was captured in a Video that is available to the Norwegian newspaper “Verdens Gang”, and the MIRROR.

Once properly sealed, the doping control bottle only supposed to be open with the help of special machines. A manual Opening would make a subsequent replacement of the sample is possible. From the Video it is not clear whether the Norwegian has made the bottle when you Close or Open it is broken. Guttormsen Verdens Gang said “,” he could discover no visible marks on the vial.

Here you can see the Video to see

Verdens Gang

Also, if he could, close the Open again. If not, would be noticed in the laboratory that the closure of the bottle is broken, and a silent exchange of blood would be nearly impossible. A spokesman of Berlinger told the MIRROR that the Video was known. You see a clear handling error of the athlete. Guttormsen had the bottle with too much force closed. The laboratory could detect in this case that the Container is defective.

“The inspectors were frightened,”

In the Video, which was recorded in Guttormsens parents house from his father, according to the “Verdens Gang” a total of three attempts of the young athletes, to seal with his blood sample. “When I got the first bottle, I thought, I have made a mistake,” said Guttormsen “Verdens Gang”. “This should not be possible.” But then he tried two more and same thing happened. “The two inspectors were terrified,” said Guttormsen.

Berlinger was already in front of the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang in the criticism. The ARD had reported at the time that it is the in-house doping editorial had succeeded, the safety of vessels after Freezing to open and close again. The world Anti-Doping Agency, Wada, spoke of a “potential integrity problem”.

“This Situation is like us not”

For the winter games, then, as a precaution, vials of an older Generation. After Berlinger had considered the business to withdraw, had looked around the Wada Alternatives. Berlinger decided then, however, the production in the coming years to continue and let the sales and the development of Anti-doping products by a Swedish Foundation. Berlinger had provided since 2000, all of the Olympic games with its products.

The Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency confirmed to the MIRROR the incident. Guttormsen’ve tried three Times to seal his blood doping sample in the vial. Every Time he got the container open. “This Situation is not like us. The case has a high priority for us. In our opinion, this is a serious Problem with the Equipment,” said Anders Solheim, the head of the Anti-Doping Agency. You’ve worn the Problem to Berlinger.

The manufacturer has requested the vials according to his own statement to the Anti-Doping Agency and want to examine you.

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