football games are complex. In 90 minutes, the professionals, over 200 kilometers of track, meet in hundreds of battles and play more than 1000 passes. All of this is combined in the game statistics.

Not only use the football clubs such data. Media, including SPIEGEL ONLINE, also use, to describe how a football game is run – and why. Only As many data are now being collected, so low your statement is often. Statistics such as ball possession and tackling ratios say little, why a game was won or lost.

soccer better use of data

In the case of MIRROR ONLINE understand we do not want to present data only; we try to explain its relevance. The game index SPIX is a purely statistics-based performance evaluation, which we publish for every Champions League round and all the pros (such As the SPIX’s work, you can read here.). The SPON-tactics boards show the positioning of a team in the passing game and the frequency of passes between the players. You are about to visualization and analysis of the building game for a team (such As the SPON-tactics tables work, you can read here.)

Now the Shotmaps. The visualizations show at a glance the number and the quality of all the Goal of an encounter .

Here is an example from last round:

are read As Shotmaps to and what they tell you

The shots are depending on the type (shot, Header, free kick, penalty) with different symbols. Goals are highlighted with a black contour and a point in the center, and lines show the approximate trajectory. Shots that went on goal are greater. Further Details such as the name of the shooter, the game minute or the gates of distance you can access by moving the mouse pointer over the icon or the icon is touched.

For a better arrangement are given also statistics. The number of shots on goal has a much greater significance than the total number of shots. To see the meeting between Fortuna Dusseldorf and RB Leipzig from 19. Round.

Both Teams gave up a similar number of shots on goal. However, Düsseldorf brought any of his ten statements directly to the gate. Leipzig succeeded in the case of nine out of twelve Attempts. In the case of RB to the shorter distance to the gate can also see that the guests came from significantly dangerous positions to a conclusion.

Both Teams shot similar to often. The quality of Leipzig’s financial statements, however, was much higher. The game won RB 4:0.

remote contactors, Chancentod or rebound?

Beyond the consideration of individual games, Shotmaps can also be used for analysis of the statements, positions, and chances for individual players.

Paco Alcácer is an extreme, but very illustrative example. The BVB striker has made this season so far, 25 shots on goal. 15 of them came directly to the opponent’s goal, the twelve were in there. Possible this outstanding rate is only because Alcácer comes in counter attacks Dortmund’s often excellent. The graph shows that only three of his Tests were made from really big distance.

Leverkusen’s Offensive under Peter Bosz

Not only the final positions of individual players with Shotmaps, but also the whole team over several game days. Interestingly, the shot positions for Bayer Leverkusen under coach Peter Bosz.

so far, two games under his leadership, the Team gave up 45 shots on goal, 27 of which were directly on goal. With a better Chance of exploitation would have been significantly more than the three goals scored. After two days of play Boszs game idea that is based on attacking football. Has admitted his Team are in the same period, by the way, 18 shots on goal, eight of which were on goal. The Balance between Offensive and Defensive, which was missing at the time of his commitment in Dortmund, often, seems to be true.

you will report to Shotmaps in the future on a regular basis in our game and tactical analysis. Completely re-invented, we don’t have the visualizations, by the way. In a similar Form already used in Basketball and hockey, as well as the professional analysis of football matches and the game scouting.

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