More than 100 billion dollars has been repelled, the Russian Central Bank in the past year. The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, citing a report of the Central Bank of informed about the breakdown of the Russian currency reserves.

Accordingly, the Central Bank revealed recently reinforced with the Euro and the Chinese Yuan. With the purchase of around 44 billion Yuan, it holds according to the International monetary Fund (IMF) is now more than a quarter of the world’s Yuan reserves.

Russia wants to do with the Yuan-buying-apparently independent of the United States and the leading world currency. According to media reports, Moscow is responding with the purchase of other currencies, even on the tough sanctions, which the Americans, the Russian economy had at last sets heavy.

“not, We the Dollar, the Dollar, pushes us,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin in November. Russia is not the only country to turn away from the Dollar.

The majority of the Russian currency reserves to the value of around 458 billion dollars, the Russian Central Bank but also to the rate of exchange in euros and dollars.

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