So, here’s a winner in Sweden.

Stefan Lövfen, the old and the new Prime Minister, shows the face of a Suffering, as the President of the Reichstag his re-election announced. The social Democrat looks down, stroking the red tie, buttoned dark jacket, to the applause of his group enjoyed endure. Then he walks with drooping shoulders to the front as the speaker of Parliament, his appointment papers to pick up. Not even for the photographers in the 61 wrestles-Year-old, a Smile. No triumph gestures, his intent is.

Löfven has just reached its three main objectives.

first of all, he has secured himself and his social Democrats in power: after a mixed campaign and a never-ending scramble ending in the formation of a government, the longest in the Swedish post-war history. Secondly, he has managed to blow up the bourgeois centre-Right Alliance, the traditional antithesis of his center-left block. And, above all, he has prevented, thirdly, that the right-wing Sweden Democrats (SD) have a say about the fate of their country. For the time being at least.

But the results of the election for Löfven is bad. So bad that irritated citizens in the Swedish media inquiries as to whether everything was received with the right things. Only 115 of 349 deputies have voted tags with “Yes” for him as head of government, 153 with a “no” vote, 77 have pressed the yellow button, to contain; four were missing. But that was enough in Sweden for the legitimate election of a government.

what is Crucial is only that not more than 50 percent of the elected representatives vote against the candidate, it seems the principle of negative parliamentarism. And because most of the deputies of the left party of the bourgeois centre party and the liberals, expressed predominantly yellow, so “abstention”, it was enough for Löfven.

The Yellow-votes has bought the social Democrat tax. With a 73-point Plan for a red-green minority government, in the numerous demands of the centre party and the liberals are:

should be abolished in the coming year, the wealth tax for income from 703.000 crowns (almost 70,000 euros) – a core demand of the centre party, and her Boss, Annie Lööf. In addition, business taxes, and employer to drop charges. to be a financial benefit – related services for tax purposes, even stronger than before favors – especially for the wealthy Sweden. Also pensioners waving tax relief. The labour to be deregulated. The new government wants to make it more attractive for businesses, new people to set – among other things, with a change in the termination; critics speak of a weakening of labor protection. The tenancy to liberalise , including real estate owners can increase in certain cases the Rent more easily than in the past. Also, the private schools are to be strengthened.

Annie Lööf

“contrary to Some of the points to the promises of the social Democrats are diametrically opposed,” says the Scandinavia-scientist Sven Jochem, political science Professor at the University of Konstanz. “In the election campaign, they announced the end of many tax cuts to the strengthening of the welfare state.” After all, a particularly headline-prone campaign vows of the labour party in the 73 points managed Plan: The so-called family week. Parents of four-to 16-year-old children get once-a-year Extra-holiday – three days later, it should be five.

For the Green pendant, the Plan foresees, among other things, to stop in 2030, the sale of cars with a combustion engine. Also prohibited the extraction of coal, natural gas, and oil; also a tax to be levied on certain environmentally harmful chemicals in textiles and footwear.

If all this makes for a more stable government, is highly questionable. The red-green coalition in the Reichstag, not even a third of the 349 seats. You need to search for each project new supporters. The head of the left party – decided at the last Minute to not vote against Löfven to the right SD is out of Power to keep – a motion of censure in view, should want to deregulate the government in the labour market, or into the landlord and tenant law to intervene. Both are core-but is the concern of the centre and the liberals. And they could not themselves escape Löfven support, if he is here.

The fear of a upswing Right

“growing Löfven must now show tremendous negotiating skills, in order to keep this government in Power,” says political scientist Jochem. Only 31 percent of citizens believe, according to a survey conducted by the TV channel SVT, that it manages; 44 percent, and prophesy the early end. On the other hand, opposition chief Ulf Kristersson of the conservative Mode has a heavy Stand. To him, the centre and the liberals, its traditional allies, lost. The civic Alliance is history.

Sweden Democrat head Jimmie åkesson

131 days of power poker in Stockholm lasted. “And there is only one party that benefits from the whole debacle: the SD,” says Jochem. “You can now say: We are excluded, we are the only true opposition party.” In opinion polls the right to have the outside Kristerssons Moderate already outdated and behind the social Democrats, number two. “You have a good Chance to be at the next election the strongest party in the right-wing spectrum, perhaps even to the strongest force as a whole,” says Jochem.

As the election in the Reichstag over and the deputies from the chamber flows, Löfven the top people of the other parties go first. Only then he enters the press room in front of the cameras. He’ll take the job “with humility and determination,” he explains. “It is high time that the ordinary work of the Reichstag begins now.” 18 minutes he talks and answers questions. Then he leaves the room. Without a Smile or victory gesture. The work is waiting.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.