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The British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered in Parliament, a setback. The deputies, that the government requires in the case of a withdrawal from the EU without the agreement (“No-Deal-Brexit”) expressly provides for the consent of the Parliament, before it can rely on certain powers to the tax legislation. 303 MP voted in favor of this route, 296.

Mays office had played down the importance of the vote previously, and explained that it was a rather technical thing. In fact, the result reflects but also may’s weak Position. The Parliament is 15 according to media reports on. January on the contract vote, the May with the EU on the outlet has negotiated. The output is open. In December, the Prime Minister had postponed the vote in the short term, once in Parliament, a rejection loomed. Resistance came also from may’s own party.

The government has declared that the UK leaves the EU without a Deal, if the house of Commons of the negotiated contract with the community of Nations agrees. The exit date is the date the 29. March. There had been speculation that the appointment could be moved. Federal Minister Peter Altmaier had warned that a disorderly Brexit would make the economy in Europe and in the United Kingdom very hard.

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“This vote is an important step to prevent a No-Deal-Brexit,” said opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party, according to the British news channel BBC. “It shows that there are in the Parliament, no majority, no agreement to withdraw from the EU.”

Until the exit date, there are only three months. Theresa May is fighting for approval for its Brexit Deal. The Deal will be rejected – what it looks like so far, is in danger of on 29. March an unregulated retirement. A government spokesman said that this change will not change anything to the fact that the United Kingdom of the EU on 29. March will lease. You will ensure the Parliament that the tax system work in all the Brexit scenario smoothly.


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