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Samsung, KT to cooperate for NB-IoT services

Korea’s two high-tech giants will cooperate to deliver the world’s first narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) services through public safety LTE network solutions to locate those in need in unprecedented ways.

Samsung Electronics and KT said on May 2 that the two signed an expansion contract to provide public safety LTE network solutions in 10 big cities including the country’s capital, Seoul.

Hundreds of IoT sensors will be deployed to sense even the smallest size of embers or people who are stranded in remote areas of mountains, which are hard to spot in general.

Samsung is the world’s top manufacturer of mobile phones and memory chips while KT is the country’s leading telecom operator.

To connect an increasing number of devices to the IoT, wireless networks are necessary to support them all. Many technologies compete to take charge of the work, and many regard NB-IoT as the best option.

It has a number of advantages including low cost, power efficiency, reliability, and global reach to name but a few.

The two companies welcomed the collaboration.

Samsung is thrilled to see such a significant achievement in the country’s public safety where our continuous efforts and innovation on technology have advanced the safety of the world,” Samsung Senior Vice President GY Seo said.

Samsung is honored to take part in this important mission with KT by providing public safety LTE solutions that will ensure seamless and stable connectivity across the nation.”

KT Senior Executive Vice President Park Yoon-young also expressed his hope for the two-way alliance with Samsung.

By acquiring innovative wireless communications from Samsung, we are able to aid in life-threatening situations where data traffic is severely congested or connection is completely out of reach,” he said.

These first-of-their-kind networks help responders connect with those in need.”


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