On Friday afternoon from the delivery with the Federal network Agency the registration period. Thus it is now clear: At the auction of frequencies for the new fast 5G mobile networks will participate, in addition to the three established network operators, a new entrant. There are four applications were received to participate in the auction, confirmed the Federal network Agency.

In the case of the applicants is that of the three existing network operators German Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica, as well as the mobile Discounter 1&1-Drillisch, which has no own network.

In the course of February to decide, the Federal network Agency, which the applicant company to be approved for the auction in Mainz – this is regarded as a formality. The 5G auction is then scheduled for the second half of March.

Important especially for the industry

The abbreviation ” 5G ” stands for the 5. Mobile radio generation. The Transmission is about 100 Times faster than the currently widely used Standard 4G LTE. For private customers, 5G is not expected to be for the time being too important, because for most of the mobile applications on your Smartphone or Tablet, 4G is enough. For the industry, 5G, however, has, for example, in the case of logistics, as well as for the networking and control of robots is of Central importance.

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Achim Berg, President of the industry Association Bitkom, will shape the applications of the mobile companies are annotated with the note that the auction “was fraught with many unknown variables”. Participate in, requires “special entrepreneurial courage”. A spectrum auction has never been “with such a Wealth of uncertainty” tainted, says mountain. It was unclear about “whether the rules on Procurement and supply requirements at all stock”.

About the rules on Procurement, in which, among other things, is defined by when the future 5G network operators how many percent of German households with high-speed Internet will need to supply and how closely they should work together, always arguing. Especially in the so-called local, Roaming, the opinions go far apart.

The local Roaming it is important that in areas with many radio of the locally represented cellular provider their networks for customers of its competitors, which have holes open in this Region, actually, no reception. This procedure is intended to ensure in sparsely populated areas, the network coverage for all users.

such an obligation, for example, 1&1 could benefit Drilisch, because the company operates a network and the 5G network will only be able to gradually build up. The other network operators, values, strict governmental guidelines for local, Roaming as an economic brake: Expensive investment in radio masts would be devalued, they argue.

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