After three decades of left-oriented governments in Brazil, the choice of Jair Bolsonaro had ushered in a new Era. Again and again, the former military captain and a Nationalist in the past, with contempt for women, racist, and homophobic Statements caused outrage. On Thursday Bolsonaros Minister of state for Onyx Lorenzoni announced that the government is going to clean the “house”. Employees in the ministries, which are not ideologically with the government on the line, wool it is released.

But also in other questions Bolsonaro in Brazil for a time turn. About in foreign policy. The ultra-right politician has never made a secret of the fact, who is to be a role model: U.S. President Donald Trump. Therefore, the Brazilian head of state wants to improve relations with Washington. A possible remedy: A U.S. military base in their own country.

“Who knows, if we don’t have to discuss this issue in the future, depending on what is happening in the world,” said Bolsonaro now in a television Interview to a question. That Russia was in the neighboring Venezuela, the leftist President Nicolas Maduro support is a worrying development and have led to tensions in the Region.

Bolsonaro claimed supremacy in South America

Bolsonaro, who has taken the presidential office on Tuesday, reiterated that Brazil’s claim in South America, a supremacy. Bolsonaros socialist predecessor government had, however, close relations between the countries of South America and some times with the US had fallen to each other.

Bolsonaros security adviser to Augusto Heleno confirmed that Brazil, as the USA wanted to move the Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Due to logistical reasons the disabled of the move, however. “There is a clear desire for that to happen, but there is still no decision on a date,” said Heleno.

The relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem is seen by critics as a partisan support for Israel in the middle East conflict, because the Palestinians Jerusalem as the capital of a future state claim. In Brazil, the powerful agricultural industry is opposed to the relocation. It fears that the move could anger Arab customers who buy every year of Brazil meat for millions of dollars that has been slaughtered according to Islamic rite.


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