Russian actors have engaged in the US election in 2016, and then, apparently, much more for today’s US President, Donald Trump than previously known. It says So in a report to the US Senate about Russian interference, is to appear this week, and the draft template of the “Washington Post”.

The report explains exactly how the employees of a Russian company prevail: First, the interest profiles of Americans were made on various Social Media channels and targeted with Propaganda for the presidential candidates, Trump recorded, writes the “Washington Post”.

the propaganda work of the Russians, the they led on behalf of the Internet Research Agency based in Saint Petersburg. Against several employees of the company, the U.S. Department of justice, was charged with criminal choice, influencing in the February charges.

millions of Social Media Posts from several years up to mid-2017, which found the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Google the authors of the study were Investigated. Was created the paper from the research project computer-based Propaganda (Computational Propaganda Project) at the University of Oxford and the network analysis company Graphika.

Social Media: “tools of social control”

“It is clear that all the messages were clearly to benefit the Republican party – and in particular Donald Trump,” the newspaper quoted from the unpublished report. “Trump is called in the campaigns at the most, directed at Conservatives and voters on the right edge, asking them to support his (trump’s) election campaign. The main groups that could challenge Trump, were supplied with news, aimed to confuse, distract and discourage you ultimately Choose.”

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

According to the “Washington Post” the report notes that conservative Americans were sent mainly to the content of the controversial issues of immigration and gun laws. Left-wing US citizens received Material, however, should confidence in the electoral system of undermining and wrong information about how it is chosen.

Donald Trump had won the U.S. presidential election in 2016, almost against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Crucial Trumps success was in a few – for the distribution of electoral votes crucial – U.S. States. Trump of victory with the worst total managed share (46 per cent) since the beginning of the Nineties. At that time the Democrat Bill Clinton had made only 43 percent of the race.

New to the “Washington Post”article that, that YouTube and Instagram were very strongly affected by the Russian campaign, just like Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest, which has so far been given rather little attention.

The Report contains the report in the newspaper, according to a firm warning to Social Media platforms: “a tool for collective displeasure to the expression and civic Engagement helps coordinate”, had become the platforms to a “computer-based tool of social control,” write the authors.. The tools were manipulated by politicians”, and alike, in democracies as in dictatorships”.


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