anyone Who has used the dining car on the ICE so far, as a rolling office, was asked by the waiters from time to time, his Laptop. But here the train has changed its policy. In the old menus, there were the note, guests may forego the use of electronic devices. This is missing now.

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is A railway spokeswoman says the use of Laptops in the on-Board restaurant was not prohibited. “Rather, we appeal for the use of the consideration to fellow guests.” Employees would be according to the situation decide and, where appropriate, the guest personally to address the issue. “If only a few guests in the on-Board restaurant, will not disturb a guest with a Laptop.” Laptop, phone and Tablet are now an integral part of the daily routine and would be in use everywhere.

Longer calls, however, remain undesirable – they wanted to prevent “loud monologues” of passengers, the other passengers disturbed might feel. With pictograms showing a crossed-out phone, wool draw the attention of passengers. A short phone conversation, or a quiet conversation would not feel the restaurant guests certainly disturbing, according to the spokeswoman. Also in the case of this topic, you’ll put on individual decisions of the employees, which would appeal to the guest in case of need, in person.

number of courts was significantly

reduced Since December of 2018, Deutsche Bahn relies on a change in dining concept, it should appeal to “more guests and at the end, of course, generate more revenue,” – said in an internal representation. The on-Board catering was a “important reason” as to why guests decided for the train. The new concept has not been developed in the ivory tower.

in addition to new dishes (“the food in scene”) of each product to Take away on the square. The number of courts was significantly reduced, and to simplify the error-prone and complex logistics. The train known as “The Less-is-more principle”.

the railway has to contend, however, that there is a lack of Goods on Board, or if the technology fails the car in the food. Nevertheless, it is believed the train that the new concept could make much better. In the internal presentation for employees to the innovations says: “We are excited to see how many of our guests take this selection voluntary food in the train.”

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